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juneh Sun 06-Oct-13 13:16:41

I wonder if I am alone in getting fed up with things and then wanting to find something new.
Over a year ago I took on the job of trying to keep our local library open. I have found it very frustrating as although people offer their support they actually don't want to 'do' anything constructive like be on the committee. However saying all of that I realise now that I am fed-up with it all as the local council want it shut and that seems to be that. When I first retired I wanted to get involved in things and went along to the local hospital and trained to become the hospital DJ is was OK for a while then realised how isolated I was in that little sound room and wondering if anyone was actually listening so gave that up after a year. Later I joined an art class and really went to town on my paintings and sold a couple even, but then my interest waned and I gave up.
I went along to volunteer at the local hospice but felt generally frustrated because of the lack of respect for the volunteers especially those with medical training... Oh I now sound like my mother who used to say
Jack of all trades master of none...
Is it me? Probably. blush

Wayfinder Mon 07-Oct-13 11:27:24

I've spent my whole life 'mastering' one skill and then moving on to a new challenge. Likewise, I have moved house (and area) more times than I can remember.
Some of us are just made that way juneh
Just think how many amazing skills we have amassed! wink

scottydownsouth Thu 17-Oct-13 12:34:54

I don't think you are alone Juneh. I live in a small community and try to involve myself in local groups to try and keep some life in the village and what I have found is that the people who moan about 'lack of this' and 'lack of that' seem to go very quiet when the time comes when they could get involved in making something happen.

Then I think to myself 'sod it' why should I bother ... then on to something else ................ change is good smile

Wallygrom Sun 20-Oct-13 15:39:13

I do think that many people are talkers, many are suggesters but very few are do-ers and its unfortunately only the few that make things happen......sadly resentment usually settles in and people give up and move onto something new.....I find this at work with my service users who want this and that but wont contribute to making things happen and want it done for them. Sad but true :-(

juneh Tue 22-Oct-13 10:01:23

Whow I feel better already. What great replies, however it seems that my process is to try to get others interested in things I am interested in which is the way to frustration when they look interested but then cannot be ar**d to put effort in.
If I look at this as a therapy issue I can see it is about the child in me trying very hard at whatever I do but my parents not taking much notice. My lesson perhaps is to do it for me rather than others.
Hope this makes sense. smile