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Grannies in the Whitby area

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Valbeasixties Thu 06-Feb-14 21:22:27

Hi there,
I am a recently retired Head Teacher and have loved the opportunity to be able to see more of my two little granddaughters as well as trying to keep fit and supporting a local children's charity.
Are there any grannies in the Whitby/Scarborough etc area who would like to meet occasionally for coffee/lunch/afternoon tea etc?

jennycockerspaniel Sat 08-Feb-14 22:57:12

Hello I live in Guisborough and some times come to Whitby I have David who is 23 and Oliver and Eve who are 7 and 8 Hoping you are enjoying your retirement and your free time with you grand children


Valbeasixties Thu 27-Feb-14 11:50:02

Hello Jenny,

Sorry to be so long in replying.

Have you been to any of the meetings at York? I may pluck up courage some time!

It would be super if there were some more grannies in our area so we could arrange to meet nearer to us.

Your grandchildren have lovely names. I have Izzy (Isabel) who will be 3 in May and lives in Hull and Elspeth who is 1 1/2 and has just moved to Heidelberg with my son-in-law's job.

I am loving being retired as each day feels like a holiday! I no longer get that awful Sunday afternoon feeling either!

I sometimes come to Guisborough for a charity shop rummage!

YaYaJen Thu 27-Mar-14 12:55:45

Hi Val and Jenny, apologies for tardy reply, am hoping to organise a central-ish meet up in April so would like to hear your views on dates and locations. North Yorkshire is so vast so it would be great if, as editor, I could organise a monthly area meet up and other people could arrange more local coffee mornings or afternoons as it is difficult for me to attend meetings in every town...

Valbeasixties Sat 29-Mar-14 13:12:18

Hi there,
Great to hear from you!
Yes, I guess that we are out on a limb here on the North Yorkshire coast and as no-one else has responded to my original message, I guess that we may be in the minority.
Any days are usually fine with me except Tuesdays as I am involved in some voluntary work.
York is feasible for me and I can't think of any other large towns within the area in practical travelling time except perhaps Northallerton.

jennycockerspaniel Sat 29-Mar-14 23:57:19

Hello Sorry if I have not replied I thought i had, I like to come to Whitby ,look in the charity shops walk up the steps and have fish and trip on the boat Glad you like Guisborough It is not like it used to be Hope to meet up one day

Mags901 Tue 31-Mar-15 09:07:32

Hi I've just joined this site and read your message. I am a retired teacher living in Whitby and would enjoy meeting up, so please drop me a line.

purpley Tue 31-Mar-15 23:03:13

I live about 40mins inland from Whitby and would like to meet up . I love visiting Whitby. I am also a retired teacher.

jennycockerspaniel Tue 31-Mar-15 23:49:03

Hello Nice to hear from you, I live at Guisborough and like going to Whitby where do you live?

Mags901 Wed 01-Apr-15 22:28:35

Are you all enjoying retirement?

Mags901 Thu 02-Apr-15 09:51:16

When can we all/ some of us meet?

Mags901 Tue 14-Apr-15 22:36:24

Anyone interested in meeting?

purpley Wed 15-Apr-15 22:46:44

I would like to meet up , how about you others ??

Mags901 Fri 17-Apr-15 23:41:26

Let me know when.

Valbeasixties Sat 04-Jul-15 05:28:49

I am SO sorry everyone not to have responded before. I have not revisited this thread for sometime and then when I logged on this morning - having woken early due to a storm - I discovered these lovely messages! Let's do it, shall we! Is anyone away on holiday soon? Coffee (and cake!) in Whitby perhaps to start?

Mags901 Sun 05-Jul-15 23:01:38

Sounds good to me. However I shall be coming and going throughout the summer, but if you give me some dates I'll do my best to fit in.
Hopefully see you soon,

Meagen Sat 27-Aug-16 10:32:33

Hi everyone!
I visit Gransnet most days, but have just come across this thread. I, too, live in the area and would love to meet up with other Gransnetters. I am a retired adult ed teacher with six adult grandchildren and one adorable great grandson. Now I have stumbled across this thread, I will check back often to see if the idea of a meet-up takes off.