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Do you have a skill we can swap?

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Portsmouth Mon 07-Jul-14 13:47:32

I'm just kicking off the chat about skills. It would be good if members can connect through the sharing of skills.

Portsmouth Wed 13-Aug-14 13:16:31

Do you have any skills you can share with other members? Like flower arranging or paper-folding (origami) or anything...

carrieh Thu 25-Sep-14 19:18:01

I don't live in Portsmouth, but in Widley. If anyone is interested in quilting and is prepared to drive, I have a small group of friendly ladies in Denmead. We meet on a Wed evening 7-9.30 and are varying ages mums-grans and varying abilities. We charge £3. ( Its a very sociable activity and easy to pick up. You bring your own work; we dont run classes but do help each other (if you dont mind several different opinions). I had hoped to start a group in Portsmouth but have run out of evenings! We have 7 month old twins living with us at the moment so I cant sew during the day either sad I'm open to people coming for a cuppa early afternoons though....

Portsmouth Sun 28-Sep-14 11:50:35

Thanks for the information, carrieh! I hope other gransnetters in your area will join in. I have the same problem with time!

Portsmouth Fri 29-Apr-16 14:22:51

Anyone doing gardening in retirement? I could do with some help but had heard horror stories about garden clearing services so would be grateful for recommendations from local people who might have used a really good service recently.

Portsmouth Thu 10-Aug-17 20:57:30

Is there anyone who can help with organising a tea party?

Portsmouth Tue 13-Feb-18 12:28:45

How is the skills swapping going? Anyone interested in gardening?

Nonnie Tue 13-Feb-18 12:47:46

I would be happy to knit for anyone who wants something made. I no longer do the multi-coloured stuff but will do pretty much anything else. You can buy everything online these days. I'm not in Portsmouth but could do it by post.