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Selling a home

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Katerine Thu 10-Jul-14 21:43:47

Hi I'm new to Gransnet. I just wondered if anyone is going through the stress of selling their home? I'm finding it so difficult - we have a buyer but their solicitor is really picky and keeps demanding more and more answers to difficult questions , eg rights of easement , retrospective building regs for putting in new windows. Just when we thought we'd given them all the answers they come up with something else. We should have exchanged contracts and complete next Friday , 18th, but it's all been postponed for more questions. It's such a nightmare. We have a lovely house to buy at the coast near all of my family and I would be devastated if we couldn't get it. I feel anxious all the time wondering what else will come up. So very stressful. If you're going through something similar it would be good to hear from you. Would be comforting to know I'm not alone!