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Groaner4922 Tue 09-May-17 10:42:52

My granddaughter lost her 3 year train pass, had to replace that, cut a long story short it cost me another £40. Now she has lost her bus pass on the 55 Bus to the old Roan teatime yesterday. That is going to cost me another £10 for a new one. Do these kids think we have a money tree. They must be so careless because they think Grandma will get me another one. How do you get them to take responsibility for themselves?

GrannyPatchwork Wed 10-May-17 21:53:44

Maybe by not replacing them! My grandchildren generally seem to have less regard for looking after things than I did when I was young !

Teedee Fri 19-May-17 12:07:08

Do sympathise with both of the above posts but this is a passing phase. Maybe you could insist she carries out some jobs for you in recompense for your outlay.

My eldest GD lost a small fortune's worth of clothing over the years, left behind on buses and trains. However now at 18 yrs old she has travelled and volunteered abroad on several occasions in out of the way places and hasn't lost so much as a sock.

I must confess to having lost my own bus pass twice within three months last year: seriously red-faced when I turned up to request the second renewal. This time the local council kept me waiting six weeks before sending out the replacement. Lesson learned - it taught me not to put it in a pocket that doesn't have a fastening of some sort.