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lillian Sun 09-Oct-11 09:43:44

i have travelled and moved so much in my life and now a widow of 71 would love to hear from any of the girls i knew in 1955.the school was in Saltley birmingham.the catholic school called the rosary.any one out there contact me.i would love to hear from you.

crimson Sun 09-Oct-11 10:47:53

Have you tried Friends Reunited lillian? Don't know your school, but we used to go past the legendary Saltley Gasworks on the way from Hockley to Bordesley Green when we visited my aunt. Also check out the Ted Rudge website. He may not cover Saltley [it's mainly Hockley, Winson Green and that area] but it's a wondeful [and, I find rather painful; it's so nostlgic and like a time tunnel to my childhood] trip back to the Birmingham of our youth. I used to love going to Birmingham Art Gallery [didn't realise at the time how good a collection of Pre Raphaelite paintings it had] and the museum [I can still picture the dinosaur room and the Egyptian mummy room; used to have nightmares about being locked in there at night!]. And the old market; a thousand curses to whoever pulled down the centre of Birmingham and replaced it with concrete.

jinglej Sun 09-Oct-11 10:54:47

Yes. Definitely try Friends Reunited. I've been "found" on there! shock Going to have lunch in a couple of weeks with an old friend from childhood. [bit scared emoticon] grin

crimson Sun 09-Oct-11 10:57:45

Do you find their website a bit slow, jingly, or is it just my computer?

jinglej Sun 09-Oct-11 11:03:11

Some time since I was on there. We've been emailing for a while. My internet has gone very slow in the evenings.

crimson Sun 09-Oct-11 11:13:21

Yes; mines very slow at the moment and keeps crashing as well. When I think back to how slow it used to be a few years back....

Carol Sun 09-Oct-11 11:47:06

I found a childhood friend on Friends Reunited and we met up 9 years ago after a 40 year separation. She is my cherished best friend again and we both feel so glad the gap has been filled. We meet up every two or three weeks and can talk for England. Turns out we have been living and working quite near each other and must have been sat in the same line of traffic many a time.

lillian Thu 27-Oct-11 15:12:36

thanks for the information crimson, i have been away for a few weeks staying with my son and family they live in Spain and it was wonderful as usual i love it out there thats my reason for the late reply to your info....i think i would get a bit sad also nostalgia can be you live in Birmingham? i grew up and lived in Sheldon near Solihull it was so lovely around there then i couldn't cope with how it must look now, i think i will preserve my memories...Lillian.

crimson Thu 27-Oct-11 18:57:48

My ex in laws lived on the Coventry Road in Sheldon, just down from the airport [remember when it was called Elmdon? I've only just thought of that!]. I only go back a couple of times a year to Stirchley where my racing club meets. I do find Brummie people warm and friendly, and I think we've got a rather black sense of humour; but perhaps that's just my family.

lillian Fri 17-Feb-12 17:18:08

thanks crimson it was great to hear from someone who can remember Eldmdon, i have such happy childhood memories of there,it was pretty and safe to play we had adventures along the stream and grassy fields.i haven't been back there since i moved away in 1960 i would prefer to remember it as it was.and yes the people were warm and friendly unlike some counties i have lived in.i now live in Weymouth Dorset and the people are friendly here but most people down here have moved from other counties and very few people are locals.but we mix well.

jeni Fri 17-Feb-12 17:24:12

I came from west bro wich and wenesbury. Good old black country