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Meet ups/where are you?

1) Please include the location (city/town/county) in your subject heading. 2) Although face-to-face meet-ups are limited at the moment, lockdown is easing so please do keep informed on government guidance for your local area.
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Southend / South East Essex vicinity

10 GrannyGravy13

Meet ups Eastwood, Notts area

3 annie61

North Somerset - August lunch

4 Barmeyoldbat

Meet up - Taunton

6 Sunny82z

Wanstead Meet Up

17 loopyloo

West Wales

3 BBbevan

Summer evenings

9 Aveline


12 Tobegran

North Somerset - anyojne ready to re-start meet=ups?

14 Franbern

Anyone near the Hampshire/Berkshire/ Surrey borders?

32 Deedaa


3 Modompodom

Northamptonshire meet ups?

5 Kali2

Eating out once Morein the lovely town of St. Andrews.

11 Elizabeth1


18 Aldom

Hello any meet ups Teignbridge area

4 sazz1

West Lancashire coast

4 adaunas

North Somerset lunch meet up

1 Franbern

Meet Ups (S.E.London)

9 Elusivebutterfly

North Bristol or South Glos meet up?

15 Mattsmum2

Hertfordshire - or nearby

3 maydonoz


2 GrannyGravy13


36 Chewbacca

Any ladies like to meet up in Bedfordshire

5 Ydoc

Stoke Mandeville

7 Squeaker

Fife meet up st Andrews perhaps?

70 Grammaretto

Meet up New Forest

4 Danma

Sunday Club

2 Beechnut


13 Midwifebi6

Anyone in Newbury or Basingstoke

5 Armynanny

North east

8 mrswoo

Aldershot area

2 Fernbergien

Meet up in falkirk

3 SusAngela56


79 Scottishgran2

Yorkshire born & bred

58 Shelflife

Central London meets

145 Charleygirl5

Dumfries and Galloway

6 Marydoll

South coast Portsmouth Southampton

51 Mumskimumski

Northumberland Meetup

272 Plainjaney

st teresa's convent sunbury-on-thames

4 Mdggailis2

Hi meetup

3 StepanyanMirkhavoyan

Anyone from Merseyside or Cheshire want to meet up?

1 netflixfan

meet up liverpool town centre

2 netflixfan

Hi new here.. and finding my way

31 Shinamae

Bluewater meet up

3 BlueBelle

Hi I just joined and am in ayrshire in scottieland

71 Marydoll

Anyone in Mid or South Wales ?

43 Pippa000

Social Distancing Walks

7 timetogo2016

Lyme Regis: any Gransnetters here?

5 Situpstraight2


10 Lovelifelynn

Weymouth/Portland area

6 Lovelifelynn