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Meet ups/where are you?

Please add the location of the meet up to the thread title so other users in your area will see it.
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South/West Yorkshire Inaugural Meet Up...come join us?

94 Party4

South coast Portsmouth Southampton

8 maddyone

Northumberland Meetup

236 Plainjaney

North Somerset February Lunch

2 Patience6and7

Meet up

2 Elegran

Merseyside/N.West meetup February 2019

34 issibon

Anyone in Cambridgeshire?

12 Eartha

North Somerset January lunch

24 Franbern

Southend/Rayleigh/Ca nvey Island Area meet up

23 GrannyGravy13

Be kind

106 Rufus2

Wanstead Meetup.

65 Niobe

Edinburgh 2020 January (Burns?)

109 Grammaretto


6 evianers

Anyone in West Wiltshire?

4 Marmight

Glasgow meet up Friday 17th January.

175 firdaus19

To move or not to move?

2 NotSpaghetti

Lincoln Meetup Wed 4th December

12 CuddlyGranny


4 0205s

Bury St Edmunds area

6 Marilla

Anyone in Luton area for a meetup

2 0205s

Meet up in or near Luton, Bedfordshire/Trying again!

7 0205s

Anyone for meet up in Bedfordshire

4 0205s


2 ExD1938

Hi from not so sunny DEVON

3 Ellianne


9 Charleygirl5

Central London meets

119 Charleygirl5

Does anyone meet up in Altrincham

2 Smiley4

Ewell Epsom Surrey Meet up

11 oscaro11


5 lambK1n

Nottingham Meetup

65 mazgoli

Paignton for Torbay

34 fourormore

Meet up Southend area

89 Jan62

Meet up

13 Riverwalk

Wokingham /Bracknell meet up

16 Greenfinch

West or East Sussex Grandparents?

58 Grandma2Two

Meet up locally.Deal in kent

2 ninathenana


1 helenrowena

meetup before Christmas Eastbourne or 10 mile radius.

2 chrisdal

Christmas meet-up in Birmingham?

20 NannyJan53

West Cumbria

2 Bbarb

Where are you

13 Riverwalk

Meet up, West Pembrokeshire area?

2 Supergran73

Harrow meet up

4 tanith

Clevedon coffee December 6th

24 Galen

Anyone in GLASGOW?

180 Marydoll


11 Iona4

Meet up in Worcester

2 NannyKisses

Edinburgh Christmas meet.

75 Brunette10


2 jools1903

North London and Peripherals - Trying again!

122 SusiQ