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Meet ups/where are you?

It obviously goes without saying that all face-to-face meet-ups are off the agenda for the foreseeable. Following recommendations on social distancing and isolation are crucial for all at this time. For more information, please check the government's advice.
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Still meeting

6 Franbern

Wanstead Meetup.

74 littleflo

Northumberland Meetup

242 granjan15

North Somerset Meet up March 2020

7 Franbern

Wheelchair-friendly meetup in St Andrews

33 Marydoll

Central London meets

142 Charleygirl5


9 emmasnan

Gloucester Meetup 2020

2 SadafGransnet

Anyone in Cambridgeshire?

23 Eartha


2 Bucks

South coast Portsmouth Southampton

37 maddyone

Anyone in Newbury or Basingstoke

1 Armynanny

Bluewater meet up

1 Kimlesleythomas

Meet up locally.Deal in kent

3 Kimlesleythomas


3 Susanlikesart

Paignton for Torbay

37 Bunch

Calling from Devon

18 Persistentdonor

York Meet-up Friday 28th February

29 Artyfarty

Meet up in Chalfonts, Bucks and surrounding areas

2 gt66

Anyone interested in central Leeds meet up

16 Gourmet

North Somerset February Lunch

16 Franbern

St Andrews again in February 2020

79 oldgoat

Southend/Rayleigh/Ca nvey Island Area meet up

24 Gingster

pelham high school and putney college form 75-79

1 grannyornot

Meet ups in SW London?

13 grannyornot

Gransnetters in Rochester/gravesend area

1 Kimlesleythomas

Where are you

15 Charleygirl5

Any existing meet-ups in West Yorkshire?

4 QuaintIrene


4 NannyJan53

Wokingham /Bracknell meet up

33 Greenfinch


6 oldgoat

South/West Yorkshire Inaugural Meet Up...come join us?

97 QuaintIrene

Cancer Research UK Conversation Cafe - Kensington - 04 Feb 2020

1 SarahBlakeCRUK

Anyone in Luton area for a meetup

3 dinks13

Meet ups

5 Hildagard

Does anyone meet up in Altrincham

3 marylane1996

Anyone in West Wiltshire?

5 Elegran

Meet up

2 Elegran

Merseyside/N.West meetup February 2019

34 issibon

North Somerset January lunch

24 Franbern

Be kind

106 Rufus2

Edinburgh 2020 January (Burns?)

109 Grammaretto

Glasgow meet up Friday 17th January.

175 firdaus19

To move or not to move?

2 NotSpaghetti

Lincoln Meetup Wed 4th December

12 CuddlyGranny


4 0205s

Bury St Edmunds area

6 Marilla

Meet up in or near Luton, Bedfordshire/Trying again!

7 0205s

Anyone for meet up in Bedfordshire

4 0205s

Hi from not so sunny DEVON

3 Ellianne