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Meet ups/where are you?

1) Please include the location (city/town/county) in your subject heading. 2) Although face-to-face meet-ups are limited at the moment, lockdown is easing so please do keep informed on government guidance for your local area.
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Anyone in Mid or South Wales ?

25 Callistemon

Lyme Regis: any Gransnetters here?

2 suziewoozie

Hi I just joined and am in ayrshire in scottieland

39 Charleygirl5


10 Lovelifelynn

Weymouth/Portland area

6 Lovelifelynn


7 Marie80

meetup before Christmas Eastbourne or 10 mile radius.

4 Cabbie21

Meet up in Chislehurst anyone?

6 Elusivebutterfly

Anyone near the Hampshire/Berkshire/ Surrey borders?

25 Fernbergien

Where are you

20 Izzy13


4 Marmight

South coast Portsmouth Southampton

38 Primrose73

Epsom meet-up

4 Greenfinch

Hayle new friends

5 Lucca

North Somerset/Dorset border

2 Barmeyoldbat

Anyone in Newbury or Basingstoke

4 Pasta69

Northumberland Meetup

268 Plainjaney

East Antrim

1 annep1

North Bristol or South Glos meet up?

1 NannaJane3

Anyone in the Taunton area up for a meet up

7 MrsRochester

Portishead - North Somerset - Sept 25

6 Caphx

Wanstead Meet Up

8 Niobe

South Somerset/North Dorset

3 Moll22

Out on a limb!

2 alohanicky2009

Anyone in Cambridgeshire?

24 Eartha


8 Elegran

Calling from Devon

23 sazz1

Wanstead Meetup.

76 VeeScott

Retiring to Cornwall


any one live in Louth or Alford

13 Essextowolds

Anyone in Telscombe Cliffs or near by?

2 MawB

meet up liverpool town centre

1 Buntie123

Portsmouth area

7 merlotgran

Northamptonshire meet ups?

1 esgt1967

Welwyn Herts here

3 maydonoz


5 Pittcity

Hi meetup

2 Charleygirl5

York Meet-up Friday 28th February

31 Tuney

Anyone in Luton area for a meetup

4 Tuney

Loneliness in retirement (and lockdown) in Harpenden

1 Tuney

Anyone Droitwich /Worcester area

2 ClassicFacet

Hi anyone in county Durham

3 cherylk3

Meet up in the Scunthorpe area

1 abcd1959

Wanted meetup no3

7 littleflo


5 Bathsheba


3 readsalot


3 BlueBelle

Still meeting

6 Franbern

North Somerset Meet up March 2020

7 Franbern

Wheelchair-friendly meetup in St Andrews

33 Marydoll