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Bournemouth and Poole meet up

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moonshine Mon 06-Oct-14 10:00:34


We are hoping to arrange a meet up in Westbourne on either of these dates to be confirmed nearer the time.

Possibly Wednesday 29th Thursday 30th, Friday 31st October.

Please let us know if you are able to join us on this link



Greenfinch Mon 06-Oct-14 20:36:34


sarah8491 Fri 10-Oct-14 18:57:17

Hello Moonshine
I am interested in joining a meet up but I am away from 23 to 26 October. I will watch out for further dates and hope you get a lot of interest.

moonshine Fri 10-Oct-14 21:49:48

Sarah can now make it, let's hope this goes ahead!

suzyque Fri 17-Oct-14 10:55:00

Hi, I have recently moved to Highcliffe, my daughter told me about gransnet, she's on mumsnet. I would love to meet up with people locally. I can't' make the end of October but will look out for future dates.

moonshine Fri 17-Oct-14 21:02:45


I am in Mudeford so not far from you, I am also on Mumsnet too smile
Glad your daughter told you about us, we will plan other meet ups so do keep in touch!

suzyque Sat 18-Oct-14 09:22:40


I will keep watching this space as they say.
This all very new to me, I am finding all the information and the forums really interesting.
Hopefully will be able to make next

sarah8491 Sun 19-Oct-14 20:46:00

Hi Michelle
Just wondering if you have had any response to your suggestion of a meet up in Westbourne. Is there a date decided?

Greenfinch Mon 20-Oct-14 21:50:18

I was wondering about this too. I am still hoping to come.

moonshine Fri 24-Oct-14 09:23:47


We have set a date yes, here is the link

Hope you can make it!

Soutra Fri 24-Oct-14 09:47:18

Any reason for not giving time and place on this thread moonshine?

dorsetpennt Fri 24-Oct-14 09:49:33

Damn I'm away on a much needed break that day. Perhaps another time in the future .I could suggest Circo in Westbourne [I live in Westbourne], it's a lovely place.

moonshine Fri 24-Oct-14 10:52:37

No, it's just replies are here and on the other thread so would be easier to keep together.

Wednesday 29th October at 10.30

Westbourne Starbucks

At the moment we have two confirmed. I would like it to be four minimum to go ahead in case I need to pull out last minute.
(dad is very poorly)



moonshine Fri 24-Oct-14 10:53:56

Thanks for your suggestion of Circo, I suggested Starbucks because someone else mentioned it.

I haven't been into Westbourne for ages!

Greenfinch Fri 24-Oct-14 11:12:01

I hope to be there about 11am and can stay till 1pm. Looking forward to

Sorry to hear about your dad moonshine flowers

moonshine Mon 27-Oct-14 22:07:40

Meet up cancelled this time due to low take up.

We will try and plan another in the future with a bit more

Greenfinch Mon 03-Nov-14 08:21:01

dorset I passed the Circo Lounge on a bus the other day. It looked good. What about a late November meet-up Michelle?

sarah8491 Sun 14-Dec-14 08:57:20

Hi everyone I am looking for a knitting pattern for a ballet cardigan age 2 -3. Can anyone recommend one.