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juneh Fri 22-May-15 18:24:14

I have just returned to Gransnet but from a different area. I was the editor of the Conwy site for a year then upped and moved to Truro in Cornwall to be near to my daughter and grandchildren. It's been a very traumatic year but I am happy to be near to my little family even though it meant leaving my husband.
It's a long story.
If there is anyone out there who wants to meet in Truro let me know. I already have 2 lovely friends who I met through Gransnet and we meet regularly. I made contact with them through GN prior to my making the leap.

Mimotron1 Sat 22-Aug-15 09:37:39

HI Juneh, if you are still up for meeting in Truro Id love to join. Moved to just outside PZ 3 years ago and with no prior indication, beloved partner died 368 days after we moved into the renovation project! Have been in my cave since and am now trying to emerge!!
Best regards