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East Midlands lunch anyone?

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kittylester Wed 17-May-17 07:50:44

I had to miss the last East Midlands lunch so thought I'd see if anyone fancied another one!

If so, what would anyone like to do?

Greyduster Wed 17-May-17 08:27:16

Depending where it is, I'd like to come. Managed to get to Nottingham OK last time.

kittylester Wed 17-May-17 09:59:27


Teetime and I wondered if an NT property or garden centre might be good idea this time - dependent on accessibility for anyone who wants to come.

Teetime, is busy packing currently! envy

MawBroon Wed 17-May-17 10:09:10

In theory yes, easier now I no longer have Gracie sad but Paw's medical stuff is bound to get in the way sad again.
Tuesdays and Thursdays are BAD , Mondays not great so my options are limited!

kittylester Wed 17-May-17 10:11:13

Wednesdays are not brilliant as I do the school run in Derby but if I'm extremely nice to DH he might be persuaded to stand in for me.

Greyduster Wed 17-May-17 11:09:49

I am happy to try and make any venue. School run days - currently Tuesday and Wednesday (that could change) - may be awkward for me if I need chauffering (I am not a confident driver and am not very good at finding my way around!). Himself is usually happy to take me anywhere and do his own thing while I am doing mine.

Teetime Wed 17-May-17 12:13:23

any day for me given a couple of weeks notice- still packing!!

kittylester Thu 18-May-17 07:41:17

I'm bumping this in case anyone else would like to come.