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Meet up in Brackell

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Greenfinch Mon 17-Sep-18 10:43:09

Just to remind everyone that we will be meeting up in Bracknell on Wednesday 26th September at the restaurant in Fenwick's(Lexicon Centre) at 11am.Do join us if you can.

Auntieflo Mon 17-Sep-18 12:23:07

Thank you Greenfinch. I though might have to cry off, hospital appointment, but luckily it is 2 days later. smile
See you on 26th.

Flossieturner Mon 17-Sep-18 12:54:00

I would like to try and make it.

Greenfinch Mon 17-Sep-18 13:28:48

You would be more than welcome Flossieturner. There are some funny stories about people not recognising each other and so I will have a colourful scarf attached to my bag.

That's good news Auntieflo.I look forward to catching up with you again and we can have a good moan about our town's "regeneration,".Have you noticed how dirty the new light /bright pavements have become already ?

Deedaa Thu 20-Sep-18 19:02:46

I'm still having trouble joining the old bits of Bracknell up with the new bits. I usually find I've walked twice as far as I needed too! Still I will be coming in a new car, so that will be fun.

Greenfinch Thu 20-Sep-18 20:29:23


Flossieturner Fri 21-Sep-18 12:35:56

I hope to be joining you. I am coming from East London by train. I know that Fenwicks used to be on the left as you come through from the station end. Is that still correct.

Greenfinch Fri 21-Sep-18 13:18:10

Are you thinking of Bentalls? Fenwicks has only been there for just over the year and is somewhere in the middle.Sorry to be a bit vague but anyone will be able to tell you when you walk up from the station.

Flossieturner Fri 21-Sep-18 15:27:47

Brilliant, yes I was thinking of Bengals. Thank you

Greenfinch Mon 24-Sep-18 08:42:40

May I remind everyone about our meet up for coffee in Bracknell on Wednesday at 11am in Fenwick's cafe.
Looking forward to seeing you all then. Please join us if you can.

Auntieflo Mon 24-Sep-18 09:12:09

Looking forward to it. I am coming on the bus, so shall try and be on time, Lion service permitting.

Greenfinch Mon 24-Sep-18 09:52:45

Me too. Leopard service for me. Once an hour to Bracknell.

Pennyjw Tue 25-Sep-18 17:28:08

I look forward to seeing you all tomorrow. I may use this as an excuse to look at autumn clothes....... smile

Greenfinch Tue 25-Sep-18 21:39:20

Good idea !

Flossieturner Wed 26-Sep-18 09:02:48

I was so looking forward to today, but I have unexpected visitors arriving. Have a good time and hope to see you at the next meeting.

HAZBEEN Wed 26-Sep-18 12:05:57

Hope you had a good meet up ladies! Sorry I couldnt make it but I hope Greenfinch explained I havent been to good lately and couldnt do the journey. Hope to see you all soon at another meet up.

Greenfinch Wed 26-Sep-18 18:58:32

Hope you are feeling betterHAZBEEN Four of us met up in Bracknell today for coffee and had a good chat. Perhaps you will be able to join us next time.

Auntieflo Wed 26-Sep-18 20:17:42

Thank you Greenfinch for organising the opportunity to meet up today.

Greenfinch Wed 26-Sep-18 21:37:17

My pleasure.It's no problem. I hope you got safely home on the Lion. I was the only one on my bus for most of the way home.