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Weymouth/Portland area

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Lovelifelynn Tue 28-Apr-20 19:16:04

Are there any local ladies that fancy meeting for coffee and a chat etc

Grannybags Tue 28-Apr-20 20:52:16

We're in lockdown!!!!

H1954 Tue 28-Apr-20 20:55:25

There's always one isn't there?!?!?! 😳

Oopsadaisy3 Tue 28-Apr-20 20:56:17

2021 or 2022 maybe ? Best to get your dates in before we are all swamped with coffee dates !

jeanie99 Sun 03-May-20 10:46:49

You must be living in a different country to me.
We are in lock down!!!!

Lovelifelynn Tue 24-Nov-20 10:17:18

Oh dear what rude people we have one here.

At no point did I say I wanted to meet people for a coffee immediately and chats can be by internet or phone.

HI954 yes there is always one I agree, especially rude ones.?!?!?!

jeanie99 No same country just wishing to meet nice people at some stage.

So again if nice people would like to meet for a coffee and chat after 2nd Dec as we are in lockdown, socially distanced and in the open air and in a group less than six get in touch LOL.