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North Somerset - anyojne ready to re-start meet=ups?

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Franbern Thu 22-Apr-21 10:00:27

Just wondering if we could start planning to meet-up for the areas covering WsM, Clevedon, Portishead, etc. etc. Anyone interested in starting these again, say late May or June?

Caphx Thu 22-Apr-21 11:22:16

Yes, happy to meet again, let me know when you’ve got something organised

vena11 Fri 23-Apr-21 08:29:04

I am happy to meet up in June some time.

Franbern Sat 22-May-21 09:39:45

Hoping people in Bristol, Clevedon, WsM, Worle, etc.etc. may be ready to consider starting out meet-ups again. Caphx and venall have replied, wondering if there are any others. Know of a Gnetter who is in the process of moving to Worle, so also maybe interested in this.
Think we used to meet on Fridays - so wondered about Friday 2nd July (gives us a good time after the 21st June date, to see what is actually happening then).
If there are at least, say, four of us willing to have this lunch-time meet up, I was considering the Bay Cafe along Beach Road in WsM,, this has both inside and outside areas. There is parking in Beach Road. I know we used to meet in Clevedon, I am happy to return there if someone there would arange it.
If people could just come on here to say if they would like to get these meet-ups going again, and would be happy for the first one in WsM - or suggest an alternative.
Plenty of time for us to consider our options.
Be good to get together again.

Franbern Sun 23-May-21 10:20:00

venall been trying to send you a PM. Keeps telling me you do not exist. Could you pm me, just so that I can just send my message as a reply.

Franbern Mon 24-May-21 11:37:31

We are now hoping to arrange this meet-up for THURSDAY 8th JULY, at The Salthouse in Clevedon.
Know it is a good way in advance, but those that are interested can start to put it into their diaries. We will meet around midday for lunch.

We will need to book numbers, so will require people to let me know if they are intending to attend. Over the next couple of weeks, I will sending PM's to all those who used to attend these Meet-ups, and also to other people who I know are in the area.
Wondering how many g.netters are actually looking into this thread at present.

LilyJ Tue 25-May-21 10:39:18

Have just let Franbearn know that I am in Devon that week so unfortunately unable to join you all again.
(Just as a thought in the meantime, if anyone is from Weston and would like to grab a quick coffee on the sea front, do let me know. ).
Have a great lunch and hope to meet all of the group on your next meet up.

Franbern Tue 25-May-21 11:44:50

LilyJ - am away next week in Cornwall . Would love to do this (weather permitting) anytime after that. There is another g.netter due to to move to WsM later this week, so perhaps the three of us could arrange this sometime soon.,

Caphx Wed 26-May-21 17:41:46

I’ll be there on July 8, see you all then

Franbern Thu 27-May-21 11:23:35

So far four of us - Ven11, Caphx, Blueruby (hopefully), and me. Hopefully, we will hear from more.

Franbern Mon 28-Jun-21 16:17:24

A few of us are having a luncheon meeting at The Salthouse, Clevedon on THURSDAY 8TH JULY. Need to book a table. Would love anyone else joining us, please just let me know by message, or on here, so we can include you for that booking. Car park at The Salthouse. Be so good to see each other in real life again.

Franbern Thu 01-Jul-21 09:16:27

So far there are five of us for 8th July in Clevedon - Me, Vena11, Caphx, Cornergrann, barmeyoldbat, Maybe 6 if Blue ruby joins us. I will book a table for midday at The Salthouse, if the weather is good, perhaps we could sit outside. Will contact each person by pm confirming arrangements over next week. Hoping that my post on 'CHAT may produce some other GNetters living in our area. We will see.
Be so very good to see you all again

Caphx Tue 06-Jul-21 09:39:57

A reminder to all who are attending - if you park in the Salthouse pub car park, which is behind the council car park, and if you pay by cash and get a ticket, bring the ticket in with you (no need to leave it in the car) and you can redeem up to £3 of the cost against the cost of your meal. This doesn’t apply if you pay by card, or if you park in the larger, council car park

Franbern Thu 08-Jul-21 08:25:50

Thanks for this. Looking forward to seeing you all at midday today