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Southwold Here..hello

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Neen Sat 11-Sep-21 11:28:42

Although I am relatively new to here .
I wondered if anyone met up near Southwold, I live near there and enjoy cuppas and cake and a good chat.

Blossoming Sat 11-Sep-21 18:57:44

Sorry, other end of the country.

silverlining48 Sat 11-Sep-21 19:32:43

I love Southwold and visit most years. Will be there next week for a few days with friends.
Hoping that most things will be open as when we came last year a lot was closed. It didn’t spoil our visit though. Lovely place to live.
Hope you get a response Neen.

BlueBelle Sat 11-Sep-21 20:03:54

It’s open

silverlining48 Sat 11-Sep-21 20:06:50

Great! Thanks Blue Belle

sodapop Sat 11-Sep-21 21:07:06

I love Southwold Neen used to live near there and visited regularly. I bought my wedding outfit there. I remember walking a track round the town and stopping at a wooden shack for delicious hot chocolate. My grandson was in his push chair, he is 27 now. Loved the Amber shop as well. Great memories.

MayBeMaw Sat 11-Sep-21 22:13:02

You’ve got a wonderful ice cream shop in Southwold too Neen
(If anybody doesn’t know where it is, it’s at the other end of the queue you need to join! 🍦)

silverlining48 Sat 11-Sep-21 22:22:41

The ice cream shop is very close to where we stay. It used to be a very nice delicatessen.
Will be checking it out... grin

seacliff Sun 12-Sep-21 12:00:45

Hi Neen

I live not far from Southwold, between Saxmundham and Minsmere.

I think there are a few other Grans in this area. Years ago we used to meet at Beccles but that gradually stopped.

I'm happy to meet for a coffee somewhere. I usually avoid Southwold in the summer as it gets so packed, but there are plenty of nice places now open again. Hope you get some more replies. cafe

merlotgran Sun 12-Sep-21 12:07:25

Lucky you, Neen. Southwold used to be our favourite day trip before it became as busy and celebby as North Norfolk.

Neen Sun 12-Sep-21 12:18:17

What lovely responses. I cycle to Southwold once or twice a week or bus but my village is only a couple or 3 miles from it. It's is lovely and yes the ice cream shop is lovely. Seacliff, oh your not too far are you, I had the Railway pub many many years ago in saxmundham and frequent Beccles a lot as love a caramel latte bear the quay there. So would be most happy to meet there with anyone .

BlueBelle Sun 12-Sep-21 12:19:57

Are you in Wrentham Neen?

Neen Sun 12-Sep-21 12:21:44

sodapop I'm sure you must think where did that 27 years go 🤗

sodapop Sun 12-Sep-21 13:04:07

Yes indeed Neen but lots of good memories

Gingster Mon 13-Sep-21 16:15:25

I have a holiday cottage on the coast near thorpeness.
We go there quite often.
It would be nice to meet up.

Dunwich might be a good meeting place?

Neen Mon 13-Sep-21 16:38:39

BlueBelle Wrentham is the next village from me in the other direction

GillT57 Mon 13-Sep-21 16:43:41

Lovely place, lucky you! We visit quite often, it is about an hour away, but generally keep our visits to times other than the summer. I could, and do wander up and down the street for hours, and as long as it is not raining, we have a bag of chips, eaten with fingers, sitting on the shingle. Happy place for us!

Patsy70 Mon 13-Sep-21 17:30:35

I’m very envious and wish I lived nearby. Enjoy your meet up. 😊