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make friends in norfolk have someone to chat with

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beatles Tue 07-Dec-21 11:04:49

anyone from norfolk wanting to chat and make friends

PamelaJ1 Tue 07-Dec-21 17:05:30

I saw this thread earlier but didn’t have time to reply. There are quite a few from Norfolk on here but perhaps they are all out!

I live in NN and am happy to chat on here or have the occasional meet-up but as I am still working and helping DD with childcare I don have much ‘leisure’ time.
Hopefully you get some more replies.

PerserverencePays Tue 07-Dec-21 17:56:19

I’m in Norwich and would be happy to chat/ meet up/ walk an talk. I’m in the process of moving to NN, so could drive to Blickling or similar.
Hopefully some more people will turn up.

Nannytopsy Wed 08-Dec-21 05:17:23

I am on the Suffolk/Norfolk border, not far from Diss. Not sure why I am awake at 5am!

downtoearth Wed 08-Dec-21 08:30:44

Hi beatles I am in Mid Norfolk

beatles Thu 13-Jan-22 15:22:30

i would be happy to chat with you

NanaandGrampy Thu 13-Jan-22 17:06:48

I'm in south Norfolk about 20 mins from Norwich and happy to chat or maybe meet up.

Helena61 Wed 04-May-22 06:22:40

Good morning
I am in Suffolk on the east coast near kessingland
62 years grandmother to 3
Mother of 4
Time to meet and chat most evenings and some weekends

beatles Wed 04-May-22 15:13:16

i would be happy to chat with