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Hampshire/surrey/wes t sussex meet ups

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Jacqui58 Sat 01-Jan-22 12:26:35

Hi there. Moved to East Hampshire to look after my grandson but really struggled to make friends. Is there anyone out there interested in meeting for coffee?

Fernbergien Sat 01-Jan-22 12:34:48

I live in North East Hampshire but about to move to East Hampshire Alton area. I can see you just put this on. Hope that’s a good sign! Think move will be mid January.

Chardy Sat 01-Jan-22 12:43:19

Hi Jacqui. I'm in West Sussex close to A27.

Chardy Sat 01-Jan-22 19:50:27

No-one else in the Surrey/Sussex/Hampshire area?

Litterpicker Sat 01-Jan-22 20:23:05

I’m in West Sussex, not far from south Hampshire border. Happy to meet up 🙂

Mamissimo Sat 01-Jan-22 20:54:30

Hello - I'm in NE Hampshire near Petersfield - welcome Fernbergien ! Perhaps a meet in February would be a good idea?

alig99 Sat 01-Jan-22 21:11:34

Hi Jacqui58, might be a good idea to tell us more about where you live. I live in East Hampshire and on the West Sussex border. Where would like to meet for coffee? There are plenty of groups in this area to join if that’s your thing.

Chardy Sat 01-Jan-22 22:49:52

Emsworth is on the border of Hampshire and Sussex - Surrey access with A3?

GreyKnitter Sat 01-Jan-22 22:54:53

I suspect I’m in your area but not going out much at the moment due to covid. Happy to make contact. Maybe message to tell us where you are.