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Australia meet up?

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SaraC Wed 02-Feb-22 22:55:50

This is a bit of a long shot as all the meetups seem to be UK based. Any Australian Gransnetters interested in setting up some kind of meeting once we’re a bit freer to travel? There seem to be quite a few of us in Australia so it would be lovely to be in more Australia specific contact.

Elspeth45 Thu 03-Feb-22 03:01:54

That would be lovely. I'm in Sydney

nanna8 Thu 03-Feb-22 05:27:11

I"m in Melbourne - trouble with Australia is it is so big! Interesting to see how many of us there are though. I haven't been on a plane since March 2020 coming back from the Cook Islands. Nervously awaiting a trip to Norfolk Island end of March via Brisbane.

AussieGran59 Sat 03-Sep-22 03:07:36

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

nanna8 Sat 03-Sep-22 05:02:14

Would be good- we had a terrible experience at Sydney airport where they lost our luggage for several days, delayed flights heavily . I never want to fly Qantas again after that! We went to Adelaide with Virgin who were better and more pleasant. I think there are one or two more Aussies here who pop up now and then !