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cardiff/bridgend meet up

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c101 Thu 28-Jul-22 15:40:06

I retired and moved to the area last summer to be closer to family. Despite joining activities locally I have not made friends to chat & have coffee/walk with/ share intrests. If there is anyone in this area is in a similar position please make contact. Look forward to hearing from you.

Angryfeminist Thu 25-Aug-22 11:44:27

This is a great way to meet some local women. For those interested FiLiA organise the largest annual Feminist Conference in Europe. This year it is being held in Cardiff, runs for 3 days, 22-24 October. Tickets on sale now

Charleygirl5 Thu 25-Aug-22 13:43:19

Angryfeminist you have opened a thread already on this subject so it was unfair to derail e101's.

Dibbydod Tue 06-Dec-22 23:22:43

I live Bridgend area if anyone would like to meet up for coffee & chat sometime?