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Meet ups/where are you?

Kirkham, Lancashire, Preston, Lytham, St Anne’s, Blackpool and surrounding areas for Meet-up

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Jojoatt Tue 13-Sep-22 13:41:43

Hi, are there any Grans or Nans that would like to meet for a chat and a coffee in the areas above? I’m a new Nan and I’m hoping to meet Nans nearby. smile

Suederlou Tue 13-Sep-22 13:57:39

Interested from Fleetwood.

Justwidowed Tue 13-Sep-22 16:12:58

Same again from Preston.No car only public transport.

Gransey Tue 13-Sep-22 16:14:46

I would love to meet, I’m in Blackpool.

Jojoatt Fri 16-Sep-22 14:50:37

Hi everyone,
I’m looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday 27th September at 10am at the Costa coffee cafe in Kirkham. Please let me know if you are unable to come. Best Wishes Jojoatt

Gransey Tue 20-Sep-22 17:37:12

Hi Jojoatt this works for me? Sorry didn’t see your message till today.

Jojoatt Mon 22-May-23 18:33:25

Hi would anyone like to meet up for a walk or brew?