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grandmother90 Sun 02-Apr-23 16:10:10

i am 80, going through a very difficult separation.
is there anyone there who could chat with me as i am feeling very isolated...thank you
I am trying to stay positive but difficult and just want to keep my health up.

Retread Sun 02-Apr-23 18:15:13

Hi grandmother sorry that you are going through something so difficult, it must be veru hard at 80. Did you hope that someone would be able to meet you in person for a chat? If you post again under "Relationships" you will get responses from Gransnet members on the forum.

thanks for you.

Retread Sun 02-Apr-23 18:15:47

That should be "very hard".

Maggiemaybe Sun 02-Apr-23 18:38:08

I’m so sorry to hear that you’re going through such a hard time, grandmother90. If you want to meet up with someone in person, you really need to let people know whereabouts you are, as Gransnetters are scattered all around this country and beyond.

It might be an idea to get the Gransnet admin to add that information to the title of your thread? All the best to you. thanks

Maggiemaybe Sun 02-Apr-23 18:41:50

You can contact HQ by emailing them at [email protected], or just click on the 3 dots at the bottom of your opening post, use the report post option, and you can send them a message from there.

bridie54 Thu 27-Jul-23 22:32:53

I've sent a PM grandmother90

crazyH Thu 27-Jul-23 22:43:59

grandmother90 - how sad - as someone suggested go on to the relationship forum and you will find lots of help and advice. You will also find that you are not alone. Good luck …

Moonwatcher1904 Thu 27-Jul-23 22:56:12

I'm sorry to hear you are going through this at your age. I wish I'd had GN when I got married in 1976. I went through a horrendous marriage. The people on here give some great, positive advice and have helped me recently with estrangement and other advice. It is a good help just to talk and see what other people think. We are all here for you. xx

Georgesgran Thu 27-Jul-23 23:27:12

You could always talk through your problems with The Samaritans. They’re available 24/7 and 365 days a year. Non-judgemental, but they’ll listen when you need to talk to someone. Some branches will see people in person if that might help, but they don’t offer advice or a solution, just an ear.

pascal30 Fri 28-Jul-23 08:32:19

Also I've found AGE UK very helpful and they might be able to recommend someone you could talk to. Your GP can also prescribe counselling sessions.. take life gently day by day..

FannyCornforth Fri 28-Jul-23 08:52:43

Just to mention, this thread is three months old.

bridie what a lovely thing to do, I hope that you get a reply and that the op is okay thanks

Redhead56 Fri 28-Jul-23 09:17:11

As already suggested obviously don’t give too much detail but a vague idea where you are situated. There are often meet ups arranged and that would be ideal for you to meet new people in or around your own area.