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Fife meet up - Cupar

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bridie54 Wed 14-Jun-23 15:42:46

Trying a meet up in Fife this time.

I know we have GN's in Angus (I'm one) and Fife so maybe this will suit .

The Criterian in St Andrews was suggested so I'm going with that for 1.00 on Friday 30/06.

Hope you can make it.

Marydoll Wed 14-Jun-23 15:53:33

I know that multicolouredswapshop is looking to meet up. She lives in your area. You could PM her.

Charleygirl5 Wed 14-Jun-23 16:06:46

I am so jealous. I lived my entire childhood between Springfield and Cupar. I now live in NW London so that would be a tad far.

bridie54 Wed 14-Jun-23 16:29:37

Thanks Marydoll, multicolouredswapshop and I have already been in touch.
Charleygirl5 , I just checked. It's 452 miles! I spent about 11 years in Fife in the 80's/early 90's, Cupar first then out in Letham.

Marydoll Wed 14-Jun-23 16:50:40


Thanks Marydoll, multicolouredswapshop and I have already been in touch.
Charleygirl5 , I just checked. It's 452 miles! I spent about 11 years in Fife in the 80's/early 90's, Cupar first then out in Letham.

I thought you might have been in touch. I got an invite, but I can't drive too far these days. It would have been lovely.

Charleygirl5 Wed 14-Jun-23 18:10:58

bridie54 I lived in the middle of nowhere from the late 1940s to 1962 but I did not move to London until I think 1966. I prefer the bright lights, not that I see many these days!

I love St. Andrews and considered retiring there but too far from decent hospitals was one problem.

Scottiebear Sat 17-Jun-23 12:15:11

I'm from St. Andrews but living in South Wales Was last there for a visit pre Covid. Covid restrictions scuppered a couple of other planned visits. We are hoping to get up there later this year. Failing that, spring next year. Miss my home, though it has changed so much since we left way back in 1990. Married a serviceman so we moved a few times.

bridie54 Sat 17-Jun-23 14:04:50

Oh Scottiebear, maybe we could schedule a meet up next time you visit.
I had in-laws in the forces who were at Leuchars for a while so I visited there. There were some mums in our Cupar Mother and Toddler group who were forces wives too. Happy days.

Scottiebear Sat 17-Jun-23 14:59:02

Bridie54. Cupar bit of an old stomping ground for me. Before I met hubby I dated a Cupar lad late 70s. Met hubby who was stationed at Leuchars. Married 1983 and bought house on Ceres. We sold it when we were posted.

bridie54 Fri 23-Jun-23 20:38:53

A wee bump up and maybe catch the eye of some GN'S who might have missed the earlier posts.
Would be good to see some new faces or see some 'weel kent' ones again.

multicolourswapshop Sun 09-Jul-23 07:27:20

Morning everyone from the east coast of Fife temperatures are meant to hit 22 degrees today however it was pouring with rain throughout the night and I’m a wee bit doubtful of what it’s going to be like today.
So glad to see Bridie54 is going to meet me up with me on Friday in the beautiful town of St Andrews it’s good to reacquaint with people , , anyone else close to the Criterion feel free to join us.

Thinking of those who have no friendships 🥲

multicolourswapshop Sun 09-Jul-23 07:31:36

Bridie54 I’m sorry I can only meet at 2.30 at the Criterion that’s when my carer can take me to St Andrews hope you can arrange for that time too xx

multicolourswapshop Wed 02-Aug-23 21:14:19

Hello after a lovely meet up in St Andrews recently it has been suggested another lunch date for Wednesday 16th August in Cupar Fife there’s a lovely wheelchair accessible restaurant called the Coachhouse which I would personally recommend. If anyone is interested please pm me and I’ll arrange it . Would be lovely to see more faces

multicolourswapshop Wed 02-Aug-23 21:25:35

Sorry everyone this muddled head got it wrong it’s the Courtyard in Cupar Fife and not the coach house

bridie54 Sun 06-Aug-23 09:58:04

It does look nice and will be good to visit Cupar, an old haunt of mine many moons ago.

bridie54 Wed 09-Aug-23 21:51:40

Have renamed this post because the next planned meet is actually in Cupar and not St Andrews.
It's next week, which is pretty close, but maybe some others can make it.

multicolourswapshop Fri 11-Aug-23 04:39:18

Bridie54 I’ve pmd you re the Cupar meet up. Hope you can make it.

ZMC64 Fri 11-Aug-23 04:48:34

I visit Cupar regularly as my mum still lives there, heading back home in August, if anybody is around.

YesLets Fri 11-Aug-23 07:11:55

I’ve just come across this thread.
I live in Fife and would be happy to meet up in Cupar on 16th. What time were you thinking at the Courtyard?

bridie54 Fri 11-Aug-23 09:36:45

YesLets, that's great. We're hoping for 1.30 but another GN is confirming. I'll keep you posted,

bridie54 Sat 12-Aug-23 09:35:43

This keeps changing I know! But we're sorted now. A table is booked at Caulders Garden Centre cafe/restaurant for 1 o'clock this wednesday.

The garden centre is on the outskirts of Cupar on the Eden Valley Business Park, postcode is KY15 4RB.
There is parking and it's wheelchair accessible.

Hope some of you can come along.

multicolourswapshop Sat 12-Aug-23 21:55:36

Count me in, my carer as well, see you at Caulders in Cupar for 1pm on the 16th 8 must keep my hands in my pocket they have a lovely shop.👍👍👍👍

multicolourswapshop Wed 23-Aug-23 11:47:01

The cupar garden centre lunch went ahead very nice it was too just so sorry I had to leave early

grace56580 Mon 16-Oct-23 08:39:42

Hello Just moved to Fife after living in France for nearly 20 yrs I am not far from Cupar