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Meet Ups Bedfordshire

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Hippie20 Sat 19-Aug-23 09:45:42

Trying again after some time to arrange a meet up for ladies in Bedfordshire for a coffee and a chat. Please let me know if you are interested in a meet up?

Gin Tue 05-Sep-23 12:57:22

I live near Leighton Buzzard, do not drive but happy to bus or train

Shirleyw Thu 07-Sep-23 19:04:02

Hi, i'm in Luton and dont mind driving further afield.

Jackiest Thu 07-Sep-23 20:06:02

I know we automatically say meet up with the ladies but there are men on here as well and they should be included.

Hippie20 Sun 17-Sep-23 08:32:43

There is a Grandad's shed on Gransnet

FindingNemo15 Sun 17-Sep-23 08:54:05

I am on the Beds, Bucks, Northamptonshire border so depending where you decide to meet I may be interested.

Jackiest Sun 17-Sep-23 09:05:57


There is a Grandad's shed on Gransnet

And it open to both men and women. The name indicates the topic of conversation not those who may participate.

Hippie20 Fri 06-Oct-23 08:36:32

Really. Just was wanting a simple meetup.

Shelflife Fri 06-Oct-23 08:51:20

Hippie, I don't live anywhere near you but I am with you ' wanting a simple meetup ' Why do things become complicated!? Good luck .

Hippie20 Fri 06-Oct-23 14:12:53

Thank you. My thoughts

chelseababy Mon 30-Oct-23 14:14:27

I'm in Bedford

Sonni Thu 16-Nov-23 22:51:29

Hello Just seen this. I am on beds/ north herts border. Where are you?

SueBdoo70 Thu 16-Nov-23 23:09:29

I’m open to an uncomplicated meet up. I live in Bedford.

Sonni Fri 17-Nov-23 09:35:34

OK. Any suggestions where is a good place to meet up.