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North Bristol or South Glos meet up?

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NannaJane3 Thu 24-Sep-20 17:10:20

Is there anyone in the North Bristol or South Glos area that fancies meeting up for a coffee/chat, in a socially distanced way, of course.
I'm recently retired and missing the social buzz of working (although I have no regrets about retiring!)

Sophie22 Wed 07-Apr-21 08:21:13

I live in south glos and would like to meet up for a coffee and a chat , nit fed up with staying in.

RachelH Sat 17-Apr-21 08:57:16

Moved to South Glos 3 years ago and have only managed to make one friend 🙁, my excuse is that I’ve been working, plus it takes me a while to be confident around new people. Covid has made me realise how friendless I am, so am determined to try and change that. I am 56, married, have 3 kids and a dog.

Sparklefizz Sat 17-Apr-21 09:01:30

I am in South Glos and would like to meet up.

Billybob4491 Sat 17-Apr-21 09:24:39

What areas cover South Gloucestershire?

Sparklefizz Sat 17-Apr-21 10:37:11

I live between Bristol and Bath, near Warmley.

Beechnut Sat 17-Apr-21 10:40:57

For South Gloucestershire I’d say south of junction 14 on the M5 and eastwards roughly to Tormarton interchange Billybob.

Sparklefizz Sat 17-Apr-21 10:52:32

Here's a map:

Billybob4491 Sat 17-Apr-21 13:11:37

Thank you Beechnut

Sundaze Sat 17-Apr-21 17:17:14

Hi, I would like to meet up too!
I'm just across the border in Bath and North East Somerset, but know South Gloucestershire/North Bristol well.

NannaJane3 Wed 05-May-21 09:33:50

Hi Sophie22! Where are you in South Glos. I’m in Frampton Cotterell.