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Wokingham/Berkshire meet up

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Greenfinch Thu 12-May-22 11:46:25

Hi ,would any of our old faithfuls or new members be interested in meeting up in June? If so, please suggest a date and a venue.

Deedaa Sat 14-May-22 23:11:30

Hi Greenfinch Any of our usual places would suit me. Holme Grange is good for parking or Reading might be good for a change. Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday are best for me.

Greenfinch Sat 28-May-22 11:20:18

Deedaa would Friday 24th June suit you or any day the following week?.Auntieflo hopes to come too and that would be the best day for her. It would be lovely if anyone else is able to come too. We will meet at Holme Grange.

Deedaa Sat 28-May-22 23:15:53

Yes Friday 24th is fine for me. At the moment I've got very little planned for June. What time do we normally meet? About 10.30? Hopefully the road won't be shut this time!

Pennyjw Sat 28-May-22 23:35:56

I do feel a bit of a "lurker", but I would love to join you again? Penny

Greenfinch Sun 29-May-22 06:54:20

Oh Penny it will be lovely to see you again. I am glad you made contact as I was about to pm you with the details . Yes Deedaa I think 10.30 is about right. I had forgotten about the road closure last time. I remember having an “adventurous”
journey home meeting an articulated lorry ( which should not have been using the road) on a narrow country lane.

Deedaa Mon 30-May-22 20:37:41

Looking forward to it!

Greenfinch Mon 30-May-22 22:17:36

See you there. There are four of us at the moment.

Greenfinch Fri 17-Jun-22 09:55:08

Just a gentle reminder about our meet up next Friday round about 10.30 at Holme Grange craft centre. Do join us if you can.

dustyangel Fri 17-Jun-22 10:15:55

I hadn’t seen this before and send best wishes to you all. I’m still in Portugal with no immediate plans to come back to England, but hope to some time this year.
Enjoy yourselves everyone. smile

Auntieflo Fri 17-Jun-22 11:23:48


Greenfinch Fri 17-Jun-22 17:50:05

It will be lovely to see you again Auntieflo.Oh dustyangel it would be so nice if you could join us sometime.

Deedaa Sat 18-Jun-22 22:45:06

Wonder what the weather will be like! Anywhere between roasting or freezing cold?

Greenfinch Sun 19-Jun-22 11:44:10

We were there as a family on Thursday and it was so hot that not many customers wanted to sit outside as the parasols were not doing much to keep the sun off. We eventually found a little table in the corner out of the sun. Looking forward to seeing you on Friday Deedaa (and anyone else who can come of course)

Wolwol Wed 22-Jun-22 22:10:15

May I attend? I am not a Gran, have AC. I lurked a few years ago, lurking atm again now, finding advice useful. No problem if you'd prefer I didn't smile

Greenfinch Thu 23-Jun-22 07:21:56

Oh Wolwol of course you can join us . We will be more than happy to meet you and there is definitely no need to be a gran. Our chatter is far ranging and certainly not all about grandchildren. I will put a colourful scarf in the middle of the table if I get there first but as you know if you live locally, the council are always closing roads making detours necessary. That stretch of road seems particularly vulnerable though I think it is OK at the moment. Looking forward to meeting you tomorrow. I will pm you with my phone number later in case of difficulties.

Greenfinch Thu 23-Jun-22 16:47:01

Looking forward to seeing everybody tomorrow 10.30ish at Holme Grange craft village. There should be 5 of us : Auntieflo, Deedaa, Pennyjw,Wolwol andGreenfinch

Wolwol Thu 23-Jun-22 17:50:44

Thanks so much😊 I may not be able to come along, but do hope to. Fond memories of Holme Grange. I will have a green wol - er, owl - scarf, and have gone back to lockdown hair... 🦉😊

Auntieflo Thu 23-Jun-22 18:45:41

Oh Greenfinch, thanks for the reminder post. I had it in my head that it was 11.00 ish. So I will have to get a wiggle on to be there by 10.30. 😊

Greenfinch Thu 23-Jun-22 18:57:40

11ish is fine Auntieflo if it works better for you. I was late last time because of the diversions.

Greenfinch Thu 23-Jun-22 19:00:13

Hope you can make it Wolwol even if it is just for a little while.

Greenfinch Wed 29-Jun-22 13:04:47

Several of our group could not make the meet up last week for various reasons and so we are planning another one for next week on Wednesday 6th July at Holme Grange craft centre at 10.30 ish. Anyone is most welcome to join us.

Wolwol Wed 29-Jun-22 15:39:54

Thank you Greenfinch smile
On calendar, very much hope to make it this time smile

Greenfinch Wed 29-Jun-22 16:18:17

That would be good Wolwol.

Greenfinch Sun 03-Jul-22 18:20:25

Just a gentle reminder of our meet up on Wednesday (6th) at Holme Grange craft centre ,Wokingham. See you all at about 10.30 or thereabouts.