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Post Menopause Bleeding

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MrsA1964 Thu 14-Mar-19 08:29:40

First post, hello

Hoping to get some reassurance.

Earlier this year I spotted some pinkish discharge when I wiped. Went to doctors, she had a look and thought it might be thrush, took a swab and urine sample and sent me off with thrush treatment. Everything seemed to clear up.

Fast forward to the weekend before last and it happened again but disappeared after a day or two. Last weekend it happened again so made appointment at doctors.

Female GP who wasn’t particularly gentle! She took a swab and then tried to find my cervix, which she couldn’t (despite three attempts with different sized implements) I was very tense and found it most uncomfortable.

She did say “it looks red and sore up there” I’ve not had any pain at all just this pink discharge when I wipe and only if I wipe high up (sorry if TMI). She’s now referred me for an ultrasound and a referral to see someone at the hospital and of course I’m out of my mind with worry. I’ve convinced myself it’s some form of cancer.

I know people mention spotting etc but I can’t describe what I have as spotting because it literally is only when I wipe.

Anybody had anything similar?