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What is the difference between perimenopause and menopause? How do you avoid weight gain? And does the menopause magnet really work? We've put together the most useful tips for navigating those muddy menopausal waters. Please note that the information on our pages is only intended as an informal guide and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice. If you have any medical concerns do consult your GP.
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Evoral Conti

7 paddyann

Insomnia/anxiety with menopause

12 oldgimmer1

Any hope for those of us who CAN'T take HRT?

1 Nansnet

First missed period of the menopause

2 DillytheGardener

When will this end?!

7 Nickysmadhouse

Day one of cold turkey HRT

12 Marilla

post menopausal bleeding

11 Greenfinch

Femoston 1/10mg

2 Esspee

HRT not available

25 labazsisslowlygoi...

Menopause at Work

11 oldgimmer1

HRT Implant

3 Scentia

HRT and alcohol (only on holiday)

5 Charleygirl5


18 MrsMak

Estrogen allergy

4 Angie196543

Hair Loss

73 blondenana

Evorel HRT patches, when to change to just using conti 50?

7 Volvariella

Evorel 50

5 Volvariella

Evorel 50

7 Volvariella

No period for a year .....

5 agnurse

Menopause weight gain

69 Tedber

Post Menopause Bleeding

51 MrsA1964

HRT angst

32 Pandora23

Menopause and heartburn

8 Slowcookervegan

Daily headaches from hell-help needed

62 Mamar2

Anyone tried bamboo bedsheets or Become nightwear for night sweats?

5 BradfordLass72

HRT question

7 howdigetthisold

Menopausal itching scratching dreadfulness

33 crazyH


5 Septimia

Nearly 12 months periods free

15 Willow500

Evorel conti hrt patch

24 Shelly8769

Have you had acupuncture for the menopause?

5 Gonegirl

Perimenopause treated by antibiotics over the past 5/6 years

5 Anja

Were you ever discriminated against for being menopausal?

8 Chewbacca

Peri menopause

6 M0nica


4 RosieLeah

Post--menopause intercourse pain

47 blondenana

Dental Issues

10 DammitJanet

Evorel Conti withdrawal symptoms

3 Duncan22

post menopausal hot flushes

49 Lizzy1967

HRT withdrawal

4 stella1949

Postmenopausal periods

12 labrinth123

Sex after menopause

110 Lisagran

Menopause - new symptoms


Perimenopause: can it change your body TYPE? Ie pear/hourglass etc

37 Buffybee

Brain fog

13 BradfordLass72

Looking guilty with hot sweats

54 BradfordLass72

Hot Flushes.. forced menopause!

15 arosebyanyothername

Clonidine Hydrochloride

3 Winniewit

Can post menopausal bleed be caused by stress?

17 alovelycupofteaa

The Truth About The Menopause...Mariella Frostrup

56 oldgimmer1