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What is the difference between perimenopause and menopause? How do you avoid weight gain? And does the menopause magnet really work? We've put together the most useful tips for navigating those muddy menopausal waters. Please note that the information on our pages is only intended as an informal guide and should not be treated as a substitute for medical advice. If you have any medical concerns do consult your GP.
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re menopause symptoms

5 Kalu

Progesterone.... anyone taking it ?

5 Serendipity22

Vagifem not working any more

10 PinkCosmos

Over 70 and starting HRT

88 Polly7

Is anyone using up to 3 pumps of Oestrogel after 60?

5 VenusDeVillendorf

Weight gain

38 Spuddy

Support for menopause

3 Camilla7

Withdrawal from hrt

39 Nandi68

Unwanted Vagifem Pessaries

7 DecoDiva

Amitriptyline for menopause??

7 Whiff

Re-Starting Estrogen Only HRT (surgical menopause)

11 Blueberrygran

Would starting HRT again help my aches, pains and exhaustion

19 Jazzhands

Has cutting out coffee helped anyone ?

9 Hetty58

Starting on HRT aged 59

18 Serendipity22

HRT Marina coil and evorel 50.....

6 Joolsp

Peri depression, anxiety and HRT fears

8 PoppyFlower

Hot sweat = Anxiety.

6 Serendipity22

Aches and pains at 65 - will HRT help?

10 Farzanah

Can Ovestin cream cause depression?

4 LRavenscroft

Applying Estrogen Gel Question.

7 Mandrake


26 lemsip


11 ElaineI

61… have the Evorel Conti patches but scared to start

36 polin

Mirena coil for lining of womb

10 scentofawoman

Starting back on hrt age just 60!

31 Esspee


4 Esspee

Using supplements for protection post menopause

8 Esspee

Is anyone else not on HRT?

185 Tricia2

Sense of wonder

21 Truthyruthy

hot flushes post menopause - they're back with a vengeance!

26 polin

Post menopausal bleeding

22 Susie42

HRT Coil and patch!?

5 Mine

Prolapse, UTIs, long wait

6 BigBertha1

peri menopause?? symptoms, started HRT :(

6 Esspee

Itchy vulva

10 Mine

Over 50.... beginning the Menopause.. June 2022

3 ElaineI

Oestrogel -HRT day one

4 VenusDeVillendorf

Estriol cream

22 VenusDeVillendorf

Oestrogen gel. Urgent warning

14 FannyCornforth

Menopause and melsma

3 Esspee

National Ovestin Cream Shortage

9 Floz

Help! ? I’ve got to stop the HRT!

16 Ashcombe

Hair loss

5 Baggs

Itchy vulva

3 paddyann54

The facts and science of HRT

2 DaisyAnne

Ovary pain

3 Nickysmadhouse

Amitriptyline for anxiety

32 BlueBelle

Loss of libido/trouble climaxing

8 Chewbacca

Femeston conti 0.5 /2.5

4 Esspee

Has anybody tried magnets?

22 Natashajane