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Itchy vulva

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Suz1066 Mon 23-May-22 17:45:09

I have been on evorel patches for one month and my vulva is itching ...I thought I had thrush but no discharge. Is this a side effect of the patches and what can I but to stop the itching. Thanks

Suz1066 Mon 23-May-22 17:45:55

What csn I buy itching

mymadeupname Mon 23-May-22 17:51:18

Canestan thrush cream.

MissAdventure Mon 23-May-22 17:51:59

You may just need a moisturiser, but depending on your age, perhaps you could buy something stronger.

Why not ask your gp or practice nurse for a phone appointment?

After age 60 (I think) you're supposed to see a doc, rather than treating it yourself.

VenusDeVillendorf Mon 20-Jun-22 13:21:46

@Suz1066 have you tried Ovestin cream for internal use? It’s a localised supplementary oestrogen for the vagina vulva and bladder wall.
Your GP can advise, and prescribe.

Grannybiz Tue 05-Jul-22 17:30:32

Hi I have lichen I would get it checked out just in case

MerylStreep Tue 05-Jul-22 17:36:44

A quick search showed that your problem is a side affect of these patches.

Farmor15 Tue 05-Jul-22 17:55:55


Shelflife Tue 05-Jul-22 18:58:20

Ask your GP to check for Lichen Sclrorsus! An unpleasant condition but manageable and treatable .

Mine Tue 05-Jul-22 21:04:54

Iv been using Ovestin cream for almost 6 months...I had itching and terrible burning...This HRT cream is amazing...No symptoms at all now...Hope you get it sorted SUZY1066...