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Sara Jones & The Falklands war

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yogagran Mon 02-Apr-12 15:15:17

The front page of today's Daily Telegraph has a photograph of Sara Jones, the widow of Lt. Col 'H' Jones killed in the Falklands 30 years ago.

Apparently she is 70, she looks fantastic. Quite an inspiration.

I wonder what would the situation would be if Argentina were to try to invade today

wotsamashedupjingl Mon 02-Apr-12 16:42:57

Well, we haven't got enough ships, or anything else to fight them off.

Luckily, they haven't either. sunshine

Annobel Mon 02-Apr-12 17:16:52

I heard on the radio today that following the democratisation of Argentina, they had pretty much disarmed and would not be able to mount an invasion any more than we would be able to defend the islands.

jeni Mon 02-Apr-12 17:24:47

I heard that as well. But do you think they are reasonable and rational?

Annobel Mon 02-Apr-12 17:28:42

Much more reasonable and rational than they were 30 years ago when there was a very nasty dictatorship in place.