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Message to Asma Assad

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MaggieP Fri 20-Apr-12 08:01:01

Has anyone seem the much publicised You Tube plea to Asma Assad from two Ambassadors wives about stopping the killing in Syria? It is very moving I found and extremely sad, showing her glamour against the children dying and asking her to help.

Carol Fri 20-Apr-12 08:07:14

I heard about it on the radio yesterday. She was asked to 'talk to your husband, please!' I'll watch it on YouTube.

iamjingl Fri 20-Apr-12 12:26:16

That is a very moving video MaggieP. Thank you for putting this up. It had passed me by [shame]

I wonder if it will do some good. Or is she scared of him too? sad

That poor little confused face at the end is heartbreaking.

I hope some help can come to those people. Although the dead can't be brought back. sad

Gally Fri 20-Apr-12 12:51:51

Very moving - have signed

MaggieP Fri 20-Apr-12 13:10:34

Great to see you back again, iamjingl!smile

GeraldineGransnet (GNHQ) Fri 20-Apr-12 13:19:37

Here's the link

iamjingl Fri 20-Apr-12 13:24:02

You need to scroll down a bit on that page. It's the one where it says 'four minute video' in blue letters. Not the first video that appears on the page.

FlicketyB Fri 20-Apr-12 16:34:38

I think Asma Assad has already been on the internet saying how much she supports her husband and I think her and her husband's personal emails were hacked recently and showed that throughout the violence in Syria she has been busy internet shopping for expensive items to titivate the Assad home in Syria. Her father, who lives in the UK has also spoken out supporting his son-in-law.

The Youtube item is a nice gesture but I doubt it will do more than help the participants feel that they have at least made an effort to help the Syrian people under attack from the government

Anagram Fri 20-Apr-12 16:43:48

I agree, FlicketyB. She comes across as a cold fish and I don't think the appeal will have any effect on her - certainly not to the extent that she would attempt to influence her husband. They're both cocooned in their own little world.