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grannyactivist Thu 03-Apr-14 16:24:54

I'm just wondering if anyone else has been affected by the current smog? I've been away for a few days in York/Sheffield where the air was bad enough to affect my husband on the journey home today (fog lights on for most of the way home). Last night my youngest grandson (in Dorset) was taken to hospital and put on oxygen. He's home today with a salbutomol inhaler and the warning to stay indoors.

Elegran Thu 03-Apr-14 16:31:34

I have been feeling my nose and sinuses dry and dusty, but I blamed it on having workmen building me a front porch and reharling a chimney. There is a lot of cement dust about here as well as the Saharan sand. I don't react well to fine building dust - even rubbing down Polyfilla is an unpleasant experience.

kittylester Thu 03-Apr-14 16:36:58

Hope he is better soon GA

DGD3 had exactly the same experience. She had been taken to hospital about three weeks ago because a viral infection had made her wheezy. She had recovered well enough for DD to stop the inhaler but yesterday even the inhaler had no effect so DD had to take her back. It's quite scary for Ma waiting at home!

I have an awful cough and my eyes are pouring and when I went to see mum she was on oxygen.

Still, it's going to rain overnight thank goodness!

DebnCreme Thu 03-Apr-14 16:50:00

That sounds awful for you all. Hope everyone recovers quickly, such a worry.

tiggypiro Thu 03-Apr-14 18:14:38

Compared to Beijing it didn't look too bad. At least the buildings I have seen on the news are visible. A building near my daughters flat which I can see the window panes of on a good day, is totally invisible on a bad day. I try not to worry about my family out there and am full of sympathy for anyone affected here. Pollution is horrid however bad it is and whatever form it takes.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 03-Apr-14 18:20:30

You can see the murk here. (southeast) Not nice. I got a sore chest when I went into town on my bike. Fine now I'm indoors though.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 03-Apr-14 18:21:37

I'm hoping DD has kept grandsons off the trampoline (outer London)

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 03-Apr-14 18:23:00

Hope little one better soon granny-a

absent Thu 03-Apr-14 19:42:10

Even here we have had a news item about the smog in the UK – now at the top level of 10. Mr Cameron said that it was an indication that the government "should continue to work to improve the already very high levels [sic] of clean air". Talk about topsy-turvey land. I hope you're not in for a hot summer or it will be like breathing soup in London, at least.

JessM Thu 03-Apr-14 20:04:28

But hasn't young Dave heard that he is being sued over the poor air quality in London?
My MIL remembers nursing in London during the last few pea-soupers. Apparently the air was thick, yellow smog inside her ward.

goldengirl Thu 03-Apr-14 20:30:46

I was in London today and perhaps was on another planet because I didn't
notice anything out of the ordinary confused

MiceElf Thu 03-Apr-14 20:46:34

You weren't on the Marylebone Road then - unable to breathe. Would have liked to instal Mophead there on one of his bikes behind a bus and a taxi.

Aka Thu 03-Apr-14 21:49:34

GA hope he gets well soon.

annodomini Thu 03-Apr-14 22:37:44

I've kept my head down today because yesterday I became hoarse and wheezy. It's bad enough with all the tree pollens around, but the current level of pollution reminds me of Hong Kong where I had a sore throat until I got back on the aircraft to go home.

grannyactivist Fri 04-Apr-14 11:58:48

Thanks for good wishes all. My little grandson (13 months old) seems to have settled down now thanks to the inhaler, but I did feel very sorry for my daughter as she's just moved to a new area where she doesn't know anyone and her husband is abroad. For several hours in the middle of the night she had to manage a very poorly baby whilst his overtired big brother was behaving at his worst. Usually when she has a hospital dash she has my support and that of her brother and his wife, so it was a bit of a baptism of fire so early after the move.
The weather here in East Devon is fine, but yesterday's smog brought on my husband's asthma.

gillybob Fri 04-Apr-14 12:07:08

We have had pea soup fog since last Saturday here on the NE coast. Not really smog as such. I do have a very bad chest at the moment and the weather is not helping at all. I walked a short distance on Wednesday night and was literally gasping for breath when I got back home.

kittylester Fri 04-Apr-14 14:08:01

We live 5 minutes away so come in very handy at such times - why are they always in the middle of the night? Both times we've been fast asleep and just out on dressing gowns and gone! grin

Glad your DGS is better GA

rosesarered Fri 04-Apr-14 20:45:07

Haven't noticed any problems here in the Thames Valley area. We have been working outdoors too, although do not have asthma or chest problems anyway.Compare our 10 to 100 in Beijing, that puts things in perspective.

numberplease Fri 04-Apr-14 21:52:46

No problems here, in Boston.