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thatbags Sat 17-May-14 07:55:39

Very interesting essay/comment about the new PM of India, Narendra Modi

POGS Sun 18-May-14 10:57:12


I have read the article and it all sounds very positive BUT it does not mention Modi's past and it hardly touches on the fact he is a Hindu Nationalist who was connected to the Gujarat riots in 2002.

I remember the troubles in India when a train was set on fire which had Hindu activists onboard. 59 passengers were killed and what ensued was beyond horrible. Hindus went on to slaughter thousands of Muslims, raping Muslim women and it is reported they poured fuel down the throats of children before setting them alight.

I think there is a lot to be very worried about and I think the 'potential' for ethnic concerns to surface in a bad way have to be thought of at least. I would think it will take a lot of political dialogue between Pakistan and India to overcome the tensions that can very easily kick off.

Modi was if I am not mistaken banned from entering the US . It will be interesting to see how politicians will have to accept Modi but by heck it will be very difficult to shake his hand but that is what they will have to do.

jollyg Mon 19-May-14 10:12:27

Right. Modi was not granted a visa for US, but has a lot to answer for re the Muslims. He was hand in glove with Advani , of the Hindutva branch of BJP and at the centre of destroying the Mosque in Ayodhya, supposedly birthplace of Lord Ram, however India is full of areas which were once ruled by the Moguls, and now are in rack and ruin.

The corruption in India has been unsurpassed under the Cong, for the last 10 years, inflation is rampant, and GDP fallen massively. Manmohan was an ineffectual leader and was unelected by the people

I read somewhere that the poor in Calcutta live on 27 rupees a day[27p]

I also read in the Indian papers that few of the ministers in the Cong Govt have been reelected, in fact many of them elected members of their family to run, they too have not succeeded.

With corruption being so rampant, I cannot see it being turned round anytime soon, as folk take it as a way of life.