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HollyDaze Tue 17-Jun-14 21:51:43

to rebuilding relationships with Iran (sorry if I got anyone's hopes up with the thread title).

Did anyone see this on the news? I groaned inwardly because as soon as I heard Obama say that he was prepared to meet Iran half-way to help with the Iraq crisis, I knew that we would follow suit shortly after. Cameron even said that 'we'd be doing that anyway irrespective of what's happening in Iraq' - somehow, I just don't believe that.

Whilst it would be nice to mend bridges, I just wish he'd tried to do that without having to wait for Obama to make the first move; it just makes Cameron look such a follower.

whitewave Wed 18-Jun-14 18:46:49

Today in question time he stated that ISIS is preparing to strike here in the UK sounds like TB all over again
I reckon they are trying to soften us up as the oil is under threat

granjura Wed 18-Jun-14 18:51:22

Oil, it is always about oil!

HollyDaze Thu 19-Jun-14 22:45:05

I am inclined to agree with you whitewave - it did sound like scaremongering to get the population to go along with him. We all know he'll do what Obama tells him to do - I'd have more respect for him if he just admitted that.

Eloethan Thu 19-Jun-14 22:54:12

Yes, it is all very familiar.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 19-Jun-14 23:02:09

There will be terrorist attacks in the UK if ISIS isn't dealt with. You are being naieve.

HollyDaze Thu 19-Jun-14 23:06:06

I have no doubt that there will be terrorist attacks in the UK - it's not like they haven't already happened. What Cameron is coming out with at the moment is exactly the same as happened with TB and Bush - anyone who can't see that is being naieve.

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 19-Jun-14 23:19:38

Yeah well, hopefully the people who count won't be putting their heads in the sand.

Aka Thu 19-Jun-14 23:20:25

It's not just Cameron warning about UK terror attacks it's British born jihadists themselves making the threats

jinglbellsfrocks Thu 19-Jun-14 23:23:02

They are killing people left, right and centre. And their aim is to attack Baghdad. And take over in Iraq. And probably eventually, the whole of the region.

TB and Bush never had that to contend with. This is worse.

HollyDaze Fri 20-Jun-14 10:39:21

jinglbellsfrocks - I think you misunderstand what I have said. I have not denied (in fact, I have acknowledged) terrorist threats - it's the use of scaremongering the public that I referred to. Frightening British citizens is not going to deal with the problem so I see no reason to frighten ordinary people that can do little about any of it - it serves no purpose.

In the link Ana has given, paragraphs 10, 11 and 12 are highly pertinent. People have been warning for many years about the problem in Birmingham and those people were labelled as racists and anti-Islam - by the very people who will soon be echoing Cameron's comments.

Paragraph 17 - refers to Twitter accounts; what about the Dark Web - do they believe that terrorists are unaware of that and won't have the capability to switch (if they haven't already)?

Paragraph 18 - well, that's a bit of a turnaround. See above comment of mine. I would also add to the comment The PM has called on several occasions for the protection and promotion of “British values” which is constantly shouted down with demands of 'and what are British values, they are no different to anyone else's; define Britishness' etc. as a counterweight to the perceived malignant Islamization of Britain. Even that comment carries a get-out clause. He now believes the government has been too soft in a number of ways - how many times do we have to hear that - how many times do the public have to voice their concern without being labelled an 'ist'? Apparently, when it becomes too obvious to ignore or explain away.

I have stated openly on another thread that those who make such comments against those who have shown concern are sleepwalking into a nightmare that they will be 'shocked' could ever happen in Britain.

The above is to reiterate what I've already pretty much said over the weeks on other threads. Scaring the public isn't going to solve anything - preventing the return of those who have gone to fight in Syria, on the hand, would be a more positive move. I could list others but, frankly, what's the point.

Riverwalk Fri 20-Jun-14 11:13:41

ISIS are remarkably well-armed and financed, for a bunch of terrorists.

Cameron and Obama might like to first deal with who is financing ISIS ....... that is our good friends Saudi Arabia.

HollyDaze Fri 20-Jun-14 12:01:39

They will no doubt bring as much pressure to bear as they did against the US funding of the IRA

Riverwalk Fri 20-Jun-14 12:08:53

I understand your point, but it wasn't the US government who was funding the IRA, although they did seem to turn a blind eye, and Gerry Adams was a regular guest at the White House St Patrick's day dinners.

HollyDaze Fri 20-Jun-14 12:13:24

The US government could have dealt with it's own internal affairs regarding the funding of terrorist organsations but it didn't.

It was de-designated as a foreign terrorist organisation by the US State Department in 1994 after the start of peace efforts in Northern Ireland - a move which allowed its leader, Gerry Adams, to travel to the US.