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Gove gone!

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vegasmags Tue 15-Jul-14 13:31:07

Can there be anyone who will mourn the passing of this arrogant, blinkered, incompetent Education Secretary? Now to be chief whip, who can attend Cabinet meetings, but will be no more a full member. I don't usually drink at lunchtime but have just poured myself a glass of the red stuff.

Aka Tue 15-Jul-14 13:48:40

Really? He's gone? Wow!

MiceElf Tue 15-Jul-14 13:59:31

Gone to the Whip's Office where bullying is part of the job description. Woe betide any hapless Tory MP who dares to disagree or challenge His Goveship.

Not sure his successor will do anything other than follow in her Master's footsteps.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 15-Jul-14 14:01:45

Nicky Morgan was against gay marriage. So that's something I like about her.

whitewave Tue 15-Jul-14 14:09:06

Not sure that being against gay marriage necessarily qualifies her in her latest position?!

merlotgran Tue 15-Jul-14 14:17:47

Anyone will be better than Gove!

whitewave Tue 15-Jul-14 14:18:50

Is she the one who was something in the media?

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 15-Jul-14 14:25:33

Might not qualify her for the position. But it says something about her as a person. Something that I personally, find reassuring.

Tegan Tue 15-Jul-14 15:03:51 mean blinkered confused....?

suebailey1 Tue 15-Jul-14 15:11:03

That should give the teachers a reason to celebrate but sometimes its better the devil you know.......... Be careful what you wish for.

Mishap Tue 15-Jul-14 15:16:35

At the risk of being lynched I have to say that her membership of the Conservative Christian Fellowship concerns me in regard to faith schools, which I believe should not be state funded. But her objections to gay marriage puts her on the conservative wing of her faith which could in fact put her on a collision course with muslim faith schools. We will have to wait and see. Mere speculation.

But not sad to see the back of Gove with his backward-looking brainchildren - I am not sure that this lady is likely to be any better, as, on the surface, she does not sound very forward thinking.

trendygran Tue 15-Jul-14 15:33:33

Definite cause for celebration,even as a retired teacher! Maybe Education will now stand a chance of remaining in the 21st Century, instead of Gove's plans to return it to almost Victorian times!
Shame I don't have any wine to hand at the moment!

Tegan Tue 15-Jul-14 15:49:59

Shall we have a celebration cup of tea instead brew?!

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 15-Jul-14 15:51:13

Why should having a point of view on something mean you are "blinkered". Especially when it is a subject someone would have given a lot of thought to? confused

Do tell me Tegan.

If I decide I hate, say, gay bashing, or fox hunting, does that make me blinkered?

whitewave Tue 15-Jul-14 16:21:28

No just normal jingle!!

Tegan Tue 15-Jul-14 16:22:02

If it's a point of view that isn't moving with the times then that isn't looking at the wider picture which imo is blinkered. I wonder what her view is on women Bishops? Can you explain to me what's wrong with gay marriage? I would assume that Christian teaching word for word from the Bible is probably against it which is why she doesn't approve. Which means she probably takes other things from the Bible in a literal way which is a worry as she isn't representing her constituents. Having said that, I don't know her or her beliefs but am quite happy to be educated in this matter.

goldengirl Tue 15-Jul-14 16:28:53

Who will be next Education Minister - s/he might not be any better. It amazes me that Ministers pontificate on things they know little about but which affect our daily lives. That said I'm not sure what the alternative could be

Lilygran Tue 15-Jul-14 16:32:51

He has made such a dog's breakfast of the educational system that no-one will be able to disentangle it quickly. If at all.

ninathenana Tue 15-Jul-14 16:50:07

whitewave that's Esther McVeigh (sp)

I raise my brew to Goves departure

Mishap Tue 15-Jul-14 16:53:57

The system whereby ministers are employed in spite of the fact that they know little (or indeed nothing at all) about the department they are to head up does have an element of farce about it - and good old Gove honed this to a fine art! Good riddance I say!

whitewave Tue 15-Jul-14 16:56:30

Mother announced that (I think) Esther McVeigh is a real bitch - quite some language for a 96 year old!!!

TriciaF Tue 15-Jul-14 17:07:33

I don't know why these Ed. ministers keep introducing "new " measures in rapid succession, without allowing the poor teachers to get used to the last ones. Gove was one of the worst for this.
Most ideas had been already tried in the past anyway.
Let's hope this new woman leaves them alone for while, or at least goes round telling them they're doing a good job.

Eloethan Tue 15-Jul-14 17:33:29

I can't stand any of them - and don't expect their replacements to be any better either.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 15-Jul-14 17:34:46

How is "moving with the times" different from following the rest of the flock, like sheep? Is n't it right to stick with what you believe in? And I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman.

Can we leave it now, please. That's not what the thread is about.

jinglbellsfrocks Tue 15-Jul-14 17:36:38

That of, oourse, was to Tegan.