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whitewave Mon 05-Jan-15 14:08:53

Nothing to say really - except I am exercising my right to free speech!!

Brendawymms Mon 05-Jan-15 14:19:31

I typed several lines to this and they have totally disappeared.
Said basically that free speech has not existed in this country for a few years now. You always have to fear offending someone even if it's only the garden gnome.

CariGransnet (GNHQ) Mon 05-Jan-15 14:21:17

Brenda - we quite like offending the garden gnome so do feel free grin

whitewave Mon 05-Jan-15 14:21:25

That doesn't mean we have to give in though. We are the 60's generation and proud to be so

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 05-Jan-15 14:30:45

There's not a lot to say with the current GN restrictions.

whitewave Mon 05-Jan-15 14:34:10

You can tell I haven't got much to do today!!

Just dipping my toe in the water again. I do think that the best course of action for the palace if they wanted to keep a lid on this would to have simply kept quiet.

Twitter and other social media have gone mad.

soontobe Mon 05-Jan-15 14:47:42

I am confused doesnt take much

Is everything a problem because legal proceedings have started?
So if say a general person Mrs F comes on gransnet to complain about what Mr A was up to. And then Mr F starts legal proceedings that is ok, because when Mrs F posted, she and gransnet didnt know legal proceedings were going to happen?

Or is there a problem with the garden gnome becuase he has a lot of legal clout?
I suppose what I am also asking is if say this stuff about the garden gnome was say discussed a couple of years ago, then there wouldnt be a problem.
Or would there?
Would gransnet have to go back and take out all posts that hinted at the hgarden gnome's possible guilt.
[Not even sure I am making much sense to myself confused]

And how come twitter and other social media and Radio 2 can go mad, but gransnet cant? Or wont?

loopylou Mon 05-Jan-15 14:50:39

Utterly confused, giving up.......

whitewave Mon 05-Jan-15 14:52:18

soon there are no legal proceedings relating to AW in the UK.

Riverwalk Mon 05-Jan-15 14:55:43

Is he not Andrew York? As in of ..... or is he still Windsor hmm.

So many choices!

whitewave Mon 05-Jan-15 14:58:30

or even Andrew Saxe-Coburg

Anniebach Mon 05-Jan-15 15:54:08

Isn't he Andrew Mountbatten Windsor ?

Soutra Mon 05-Jan-15 16:08:45

Mountbatten Windsor? Don't use the word "mount"!! grin

merlotgran Mon 05-Jan-15 16:10:38

grin soutra

petallus Mon 05-Jan-15 16:10:54


whitewave Mon 05-Jan-15 16:19:06

soutre your name has been noted.

Soutra Mon 05-Jan-15 16:20:03

"They've got a little list
And they'll none of them be missed"?

ninathenana Mon 05-Jan-15 16:30:15

Andrew Albert Christian Edward Windsor.

That's all I have to contribute.

Riverwalk Mon 05-Jan-15 16:33:22

Has anyone seen NanKate since she was dissin' Kim Jong-un? shock

JessM Mon 05-Jan-15 16:38:21

Are the press maybe a little discombobulated about the "postponement" of a BBC programme about his brother, just last week. Press do seem to be excessively interested with front page stories and square metres of coverage.

Mishap Mon 05-Jan-15 16:49:17

UK press keep using the word "underage" in their headlines which is just misleading and sensationalist. Somewhere in the small print they make it clear that under English law the girl was not underage.

I am no royalist and have no axe to grind on behalf of the protagonists, but I do get very annoyed at the way the media approach stories. I used to work on a magazine as picture editor and the editor loved a good scandal or a death - it used to make me sick.

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 05-Jan-15 16:53:08

I want to know how they "made" her. (do what I'm sure she didn't do confused) Were handcuffs involved? All very odd. confused

Soutra Mon 05-Jan-15 17:12:29

TMI jingl!!!

Lona Mon 05-Jan-15 17:25:14

I think it was all down to money jings as usual

Ana Mon 05-Jan-15 17:28:26

Are you alleging bribery, Lona? shock