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Anne Kirkbride Dies

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POGS Mon 19-Jan-15 21:29:55

Sad to hear Anne Kirkbride has died.

Certainly a high profile actress in the soap world and will be missed. sad

tanith Mon 19-Jan-15 21:32:34

Thats very sad she will be missed thats for sure.

Ana Mon 19-Jan-15 21:34:32

What??? shock

The Street won't be the same without Deirdre...sad

Starling Mon 19-Jan-15 21:38:03

Oh dear. She was 60 apparently and had played the role for 43 years.

Jane10 Mon 19-Jan-15 21:41:48

Oh no! I was just wondering what had happened to Deirdre

soontobe Mon 19-Jan-15 21:46:36

I didnt know she was ill. sad

gillybob Mon 19-Jan-15 21:47:46

I had a feeling she must be ill. She has been out if the program for quite some time now. Yes Ana you're right The Street won't be the same without her. Terribly sad and only 60 too.

KatyK Mon 19-Jan-15 22:07:33

She had cancer some years ago. In her neck I think. May have recurred. I dont know. Poor lady.

petallus Mon 19-Jan-15 22:46:19

Oh no!

jinglbellsfrocks Mon 19-Jan-15 23:32:01

So sad.

ninathenana Tue 20-Jan-15 00:20:46

Surprised to read this. I haven't watched Corrie for at least 12 mths so wasn't aware she was missing.


suzied Tue 20-Jan-15 07:11:00

Very sad. I loved her double act with Ken, and her mother Blanche.

Falconbird Tue 20-Jan-15 07:40:26

Much too young to leave us. RIP.

Charleygirl Tue 20-Jan-15 09:26:12

It said that she died after a short illness. She had taken 8 weeks off and was expected to return to the Street. She will be missed. That house will not be the same without her.

NotTooOld Tue 20-Jan-15 12:26:09

I think she had throat cancer - perhaps heavy smoker? She had a very husky voice. Me and DH used to be amused at her orange skin when everyone else on the prog was pale. She had a place in Spain (Mojacar, I think) and so spent a lot of time in the sun.

Ana Tue 20-Jan-15 12:59:26

One of the online papers today said she died of a brain tumour.

I loved the way Deirdre aways wore a belt draped 70s-style around the hips...

merlotgran Tue 20-Jan-15 13:05:42

Haven't watched Corrie for years but I used to love Deirdre's double act with her mother Blanche.

Very sad that Anne Kirkbride has died.

rubylady Wed 21-Jan-15 04:45:06

Just got carried away watching some youtube videos of the years gone by with Blanche and Deirdre, the AA meeting in 2009, seems only like yesterday. Both fantastic and one wouldn't have been the same without the other. Now they are reunited. God bless.

I do feel for Kate Ford though, she will miss Anne and so will little Amy. (Mind you, they do say it jumps a generation and she is getting as cutting in remarks as Blanche was!)

Treebee Wed 21-Jan-15 20:38:10

I never watched Corrie but it's shaken me a little to discover that she was born a day before me. sad

annsixty Wed 21-Jan-15 20:52:21

Just to digress and also sorry she has died so young, but a few series ago we watched Benidorm and thought it crude but funny.As a family we thought Madge was awful and "raddled" and I was very shocked to find she was 6 months younger than me!!