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absent Sun 15-Mar-15 21:11:00

Pope Francis has said that he will probably continue as Pope for only another four or five years. I think this shows considerable pragmatism as the Cardinals who become Popes are fairly old to begin with and more than one has become something of a doddering embarrassment before dying. His reason, incidentally, is that he misses the anonymity.

Iam64 Mon 16-Mar-15 08:08:19

I'm a fan of Pope Francis. He seems to be a very interesting, clever and caring individual. Missing the anonymity seems to me to be a Very Good Thing smile . It's an important job and whoever is in post ought to be physically and mentally strong enough to do it.

JessM Mon 16-Mar-15 08:42:08

Like Jonathan's Swift's idea - the best person to the run the country is the one who is most reluctant to do so? if Ratzinger did one thing right it was setting a precedent that there comes a time to retire, even if you are pope. Specially if you are pope...

Qualified thumbs up from me. He has tackled a number of issues but there is still the huge one of child abuse history.
Also contraception in the third world?
Women in the ministry (they are going to have to break on this one eventually as they are running out of men who want to be priests).
In my MIL's church the last 4 have been:
Last in a long line of jolly Irishmen
An unhappy Nigerian who was full time in the parish but really wanted to be an academic and left the finances in a mess
A nice Phillipino who had to run all over the W Midlands ministering to all the Phillipino nurses etc as well as looking after parish.
Latest is a married Anglican defector.
Notice a trend?

Teetime Mon 16-Mar-15 09:22:58

He seems a very hard working Pope deserved of a proper retirement I think.