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grumppa Fri 22-May-15 14:41:05

Mothercare in the news this morning with upbeat CEO announcing a new look for the shops and a return to profitability in two years' time.

Just back from local branch and totally unsuccessful mission to buy leggings for DGD (sold out) and a nappy pail (only one on display grubby and with a split lid, none in the stock room).

Never mind bright colours and a "boutique" feel; how about adequate stock control and making sure the products on the shelves are presentable?

AshTree Fri 22-May-15 17:53:20

Our local branch moved into the new 'shopping mall' when it opened a few years ago. You would expect the new store to be an improvement wouldn't you? But no, it's much smaller so more cramped and gets low on stock. But by far the biggest problem is that it only has ONE changing room (the old store had 3). So when my DD wanted to be measured for nursing bras, she had to wait 15 minutes for the person in front of her to go through probably the entire shop's stock of bras before she could get in.
And given that it's a shop for pregnant mums you would think it might occur to them to have one or two chairs by the changing room wouldn't you? Not a chair in sight, anywhere in the shop. You can, of course, ask for one but people don't like to draw attention to themselves. The chairs should be available without asking.
Not impressed.

Bez Fri 22-May-15 18:20:51

When we were looking for a twin pram system last September we visited two Mothercare stores. One had no twin prams and she said go and look in John Lewis - and the second shop - a large out of town one - the staff were totally useless with no knowledge of the systems available etc. Contrasted with the knowledge of the staff in JL - there was no comparison - we were shown the two safest systems and how they operated. One system-iCandy was expensive and the assistant showed us a second system and said how much we would save etc. No way did she try and persuade us to have either - she was able to answer all the questions put to her. On the way home we decided that JL would get our order - and a couple of weeks later I rang and ordered the iCandy system because we felt it was the best and easier one of the two to assemble etc.
I would suggest that the new CEO concentrates on training his staff as well as revamping his stores.

loopylou Fri 22-May-15 18:28:54

Crumbs, I thought Mothercare had disappeared into the ether yonks ago blush

DS bought their buggy from JL after much research and said they had exemplary service. They are firm customers of JL, rarely bothering to go anywhere else.

felice Fri 22-May-15 18:40:14

Mothercare here were selling Thomas the Tank Engine onesies/sleep suits last year for half price in October, I was delighted, only when I came home did i realise, we don't get Thomas T.T.E. here.
I assume the stock is sent from the UK, and no one bothered to do any research.
The cable channels which the majority here use have BBC not ITV.

AshTree Fri 22-May-15 21:52:46

Despite my earlier post about the store layout, we visited a different branch of Mothercare several miles away to investigate pushchairs and the assistant there could not have been more helpful or knowledgeable. The service was excellent and she demonstrated several buggies and 'travel systems' for us, asking all the relevant questions about what sort of use it would have. This sounds a bit obvious, but our DD doesn't drive so she will be doing a lot of walking with the buggy and needed it to be robust; it won't be just in and out of the car for short trips around town or the supermarket. She finally settled on an excellent buggy and matching car seat, which was ordered and delivered within a week. She is more than happy, both with the product and the service.

Deedaa Sun 24-May-15 22:21:33

felice How do you cope without Thomas the Tank Engine?

felice Mon 25-May-15 09:31:02

CBeeBies does us fine Deedaa and there are some good French and Flemish childrens channels. DGS got a whole pack of Thomas DVDs for his Christmas so that covered that and explained it to him.
I just wish I had bought another one in a bigger size for this winter at that price. M&S re-opened here a couple of weeks ago so might have a look there for this winter.
To explain, DGS shares my room when he sleeps here, I cannot sleep in a warm room and he is the most restless child I have ever known. hence the cosy sleep suit.

kittylester Mon 25-May-15 10:01:33

Our nearest Mothercare is an out of town one and it is really good. The staff are knowledgeable, engage with the children, will help with fitting car seats etc. The only time I have been dissatisfied was after DS2 was born and had started to develop a flat head. The staff suggested a donut pillow for him. The Mothercare manager (ess) was almost at the point of calling SS in case we found one and used it for him!

Greyduster Mon 25-May-15 10:15:10

I had not been into Mothercare until last Friday when I went to buy a gift for my young neighbour's new baby. The store was bright and well stocked and the staff were very nice. I remember we bought DS's second stage car seat there what seems like a long time ago and they were more helpful and knowledgeable than Halfords, and matched Halford's price. I was quite surprised at the clothes people seem to be putting even very tiny babies into these days. They look like little adults almost before they can see properly, and some of the fabrics seem to be quite harsh to put against very tender skin (denim shorts for 0-3 months? What's that all about?). But then I'm just an old fogey.

harrigran Mon 25-May-15 11:23:39

Denim shorts for 0-3 months, what's that all about ? I can feel a new Peter Kay sitcom coming up. I agree Greyduster, I don't like to see babies in denim. There are so many beautiful baby clothes why dress them like little adults ?

nightowl Mon 25-May-15 11:28:47

It makes me wonder when denim shorts become denim jeans on such little legs confused

I'm an old fogey too when it comes to dressing babies, but thankfully so are my DD and DIL.

vampirequeen Mon 25-May-15 17:25:07

We were in our local Mothercare yesterday. It's a bright airy shop. I didn't speak to the staff as we were there to get the children's feet measured at the Clarks section. They didn't need new shoes....I was sooooo happy grin