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Jermy Corbyn elected

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Teetime Sat 12-Sep-15 11:45:58

Bugger it that's the next election lost.

durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 11:47:10

Give the man a chance.

durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 11:47:51

He hasn't even finished his first speech yet.

Anniebach Sat 12-Sep-15 11:50:57

It was said he wouldn't be leader of the party - but he is . He is the choice of the people and it's people who vote for a government

thatbags Sat 12-Sep-15 11:54:19

Sense of humour required for what follows (found it on Twitter):

@Queen_UK: Text from George Osborne: "Labour being led by Tom and Jerry! BOOM! LOLZ" Awkward. #labourleadership


durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 11:54:27

Exactly, Annie. Everyone just has a single vote, including all those people who say he is unelectable.

durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 11:55:33

Except it's Jerry and Tom.

Anniebach Sat 12-Sep-15 11:56:57

Poor Georgie, he has had to wait so long to post what he must think is hilarious, poor man

thatbags Sat 12-Sep-15 12:00:25

Actually it's the parody and piss-taking account @QueenUK that posted it.

durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 12:01:17

Should he and Cameron not be more interested in what's happening in Northern Ireland?

Ana Sat 12-Sep-15 12:04:34

GO didn't post it.

thatbags Sat 12-Sep-15 12:05:27


as I hinted very obviously

Anniebach Sat 12-Sep-15 12:06:20

Georgie will take more interest in NI when he inherits his heredity Irish title , the one not given him by Ireland

Anniebach Sat 12-Sep-15 12:06:58

Jamie Reed has resigned , by by

Anniebach Sat 12-Sep-15 12:12:31

Brilliant speech and didn't mention that word - aspiration . He spoke of poverty, fairness, the legal rights of the workers, the refugee crisis, he included Scotland and Wales and of inclusiveness

durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 12:16:01

Yes, I realised that, bags. We posted at the same time. I did wonder what the queen had to do with it.

Agreed, Annie. He's going to a rally this afternoon, as well.

durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 12:18:49

Did you watch the interviews beforehand, with Richard Murphy of

thatbags Sat 12-Sep-15 12:20:35

Your repsonse did not make your understanding clear, jen. Hey ho.

People may be interested in reading Reed's letter of resignation from the Opposition front bench.

Gracesgran Sat 12-Sep-15 12:21:17

Ignoring the nonsense that always comes from those who are not actually interested, this is a momentous day.

Jeremy won by a landslide and he won in every part of the party. There is a big task ahead but no reason why the Labour Party cannot win. It will not be easy but he is offering hope and hope is the one thing no other party sees fit to even contemplate.

His speech was excellent and from the heart, based on what he has believed in all his life. As I say, it will not be easy but this election shows that the right wing press got so much wrong and may well have more surprises to come.

durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 12:21:18


I have a feeling Jamie Reed was not going to be given health anyway. Burnham might be.
I liked the way that Corbyn said something to Harriet Harman straight away.

durhamjen Sat 12-Sep-15 12:23:30

Gracesgran, you have said exactly what Miliband is saying now.

jinglbellsfrocks Sat 12-Sep-15 12:24:36

OMG! I don't whether to laugh or cry. He is not fit to lead HM's Opposition.

Anniebach Sat 12-Sep-15 12:25:45

Gracesgran, they can't bring out the old - the unions won it for him, no he won it because the people chose a leader with principles he has always stood by

Anniebach Sat 12-Sep-15 12:26:34

Why Jingle ?

Riverwalk Sat 12-Sep-15 12:27:48

I'm no fan of Corben and long ago gave up on voting Labour but I think we may be in for some surprises - not least the Tories who are rubbing their hands with glee right now.

The government has a very small majority and Corben's lack of polish and not being 'New Labour' could well act in his favour as to how the public view him.

Burnham, Kendall & Cooper are bland and so 'on message' JC will make a refreshing change.

At least it will be a proper Opposition.

Interesting times ahead!

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