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whitewave Wed 16-Sep-15 20:46:12

New year/term, same old poo.

First anti-democratic point - £600 to be charged for information under the FOI

Second anti-democratic point and something that far left MP David Davis described as Franco's Spain. The requirement under the trade union bill for names, movement, social media use, etc to be given to the police prior to any action taken.

durhamjen Wed 16-Sep-15 20:51:18

Wearing an armband as well. Guess what that made me think of.

rosesarered Wed 16-Sep-15 20:53:19


rosesarered Wed 16-Sep-15 20:54:11

somebody will be wheeling out the 'First they came for'........ poem any minute now.

Ana Wed 16-Sep-15 20:54:17


whitewave Wed 16-Sep-15 21:12:36

some people would find your remark in rather poor taste rose Include me in that.

rosesarered Wed 16-Sep-15 21:18:53

whitewave, you have no idea how many times that poem is used on this forum to further somebody's argument.I have read it at least four times in the last year [just that first line in three cases and the full poem once.]

whitewave Wed 16-Sep-15 21:20:31

That doesn't mitigate your remark.

rosesarered Wed 16-Sep-15 21:26:28

I don't need to mitigate it. Lighten up.

Ana Wed 16-Sep-15 21:31:32

My grin was actually in response to roses' funeral post, but it's true that that poem does get trotted out time and time again to indicate the poster's moral superiority to those they're criticising.

It's becoming as much of a cliché as 'calm down dear'.

rosesarered Wed 16-Sep-15 21:36:45

Exactly. Nobody has used the poem as yet, but I had an idea that shortly they may be doing.

annsixty Wed 16-Sep-15 21:50:41

This shows just how unpolitical and indeed how uneducated
I am as I have never heard that before and had to Google it. What that says about me I have no idea.

POGS Wed 16-Sep-15 21:54:18


It says you are probably the sanest person on GN smile

trisher Wed 16-Sep-15 23:52:43

The constant use of the poem does not devalue its truth. In denigrating its use rose you reveal a real lack of understanding and compassion. And I would suggest your comment is disrespectful to all the people who suffered in concentration camps who are remembered in the poem.

rosesarered Thu 17-Sep-15 09:09:31

And I would suggest, Trisher, that your remark is utter nonsense.

rosesarered Thu 17-Sep-15 09:18:40

I denigrate it's use because it's a serious poem and is mis-used on here
Usually on the subject of politics ( because ,the Conservatives are Nazi's!)but not always, as I have seen it used on other threads where you would never expect it.don't lets get into all the empathy, care and compassion high horse stuff.

Elegran Thu 17-Sep-15 09:44:19

I agree that it is over-used. I am also reminded of a saying that once an argument starts to drag in a comparison to Nazis, that debate has lost its way.

Certainly we need to look out for everyone, but seeing Hitler or Goebbels under every bed is not helpful.

trisher Thu 17-Sep-15 10:42:48

rose I apologise I think I mis-understood your post. I think it is the "wheeling out" that disturbed me. I agree that it may be overused but do think that one should be careful and make clear that it is not the ideas in the poem that are being condemned, but the people who are using them for their own ends.

rosesarered Thu 17-Sep-15 11:38:29


durhamjen Fri 25-Sep-15 18:20:04

Another anti-democratic point.
I read that the government and the housing associations are going to come to an agreement about the sell-off of housing association houses so it does not need to go back to the commons and lords to be voted on.

durhamjen Wed 30-Sep-15 21:35:46

She has a new man in her life.
I can't decide whether it's a spoof or not.

durhamjen Wed 30-Sep-15 23:32:50

Where does your postcode fit on this list?

It looks like I read the Mirror now, but I don't.

durhamjen Wed 30-Sep-15 23:43:01

Just to even things up, here's another joke from Cameron.

durhamjen Sat 03-Oct-15 16:11:17

Does anyone on here live in a Housing Association house, or know anyone who does?

My parents used to. They had already owned a house before that.
Paying rent to a housing association meant that they did not have the worry of repairs and redecoration. They did not mind paying rent.

Many housing associations are against this idea. In fact if the government gets its way, there will be very few left.

Luckygirl Sat 03-Oct-15 17:04:34

Just put my postcode into the deprivation index - what a joke! My code comes up very low down on the scale (only about a quarter of the way along the line) and the analysis shows that it is at rock bottom on environment and crime.

Just for the record I am sitting here gazing out on the most incredible view of the Welsh hills, surrounded by green fields and autumn trees in all their glory, and listening to the evening birdsong.

We have a local police person (not sure what they call themselves now) who sends us a monthly email record of crimes in the locality (radius of about 15 miles) and there are usually about 8 incidents in that area, and only ever one in this village about a year ago (theft of oil from a farm).

How wrong can they be!?