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rubylady Sat 11-Jun-16 03:28:00

Well, The Queen now is 90 years old. Do any of you think that she should abdicate? She looked today like she was falling asleep at the church service for her birthday.

Are there any 90 year olds on here still working?

Is it not time for her to put on her tartan slippers, wrap herself in her shawl, sit in her favourite arm chair and watch some daytime tele? Is it not time for her to let the younger (if Charles can be classed as younger if you know what I mean) to take over the lead of the country?

I think I would be quite upset at sending my mother/grandmother out to work at 90 years old.

Christinefrance Sat 11-Jun-16 15:40:56

Well said nigglynellie my sentiments exactly. Also agree with Jalima about the abdication of her Uncle. I am a Royalist and would not like to see a Presidential system in UK least of all a European President.

NotTooOld Sat 11-Jun-16 17:17:08

Yes, long live the Queen! Of course Charles should be the next king - we've paid out a lot of money to have him trained in how to do it.

Maggiemaybe Sat 11-Jun-16 17:26:58

Russell Grant once said that Charles would never be king. I'm not a huge fan of RG or of psychics, but that has stuck with me. I was feeding one of my babies at the time with the TV on for company, so it must have been back in the early 80s.

Newquay Sun 12-Jun-16 00:15:52

As on another thread the queen and hubby are to be greatly admired doing what they do at their ages-not many folks their age can be that spritely. Was greatly relieved to see that hand rail that's for sure but it really is time to get rid of this unelected and unaccountable lot.
I'm sick of hearing the cost of their dresses and shoes while so many others struggle. If we had an elected head of state at least we could get rid of them if they prove to be hopeless-imagine someone like Andrew or Edward in charge!
The thought of Charles and Camilla lording it over us after the way they behaved is scandalous.
And William seems to want to live the life of a rich country gent-that's fine if he pays for it all out of his own earnings like the rest of us have to do.

durhamjen Sun 12-Jun-16 00:29:30

Her actual birthday was 21st April. My mother always used to tell me that if I'd hung on for another 24 hours I would have been born on the queen's birthday. On the other hand, if she'd been born 24 hours earlier, she would have been born on Hitler's birthday. I wonder if that would have altered anyone's perception of her.

nigglynellie Sun 12-Jun-16 07:23:42

How Charles and Camilla behaved, as you put it Newquay was no different to the way three-quarters of the population behave! Diana was no saint, the marriage failed as do so many, Charles found happiness elsewhere, as do most people, so what?!
Some people may want dreary colourless head of state driving around in a bullet proof car, but many more people don't; the cheering flag waving crowds will tell you that! Whatever any one thinks, pulling in the crowds = pulling in the money! Other heads of state don't come close. I for one love the pageantry, the marching soldiers, the horses, in fact the whole shooting match! As for William. Edward V11th who behaved so badly as PoW, turned into one of the best monarchs this country has ever had, so don't be so judgemental. He is clearly a devoted husband and father, takes little or nothing from the privy purse, and, how he conducts his future is the business of the family.

Greyduster Sun 12-Jun-16 07:45:05

Well said, niggly! My sentiments, too.

Anniebach Sun 12-Jun-16 07:45:36

Williams problem is he needs to grow up and accept he cannot have it all , either accepts his role as a future head of state and starts working for the country now or opt out and live the life of the country set , give up Kensington Palace, pay for his own security , same with Harry , both need to grow up.

I am so against adultery but Camilla was married to a womaniser and Charles married to a very damaged, neurotic , self centred woman , little wonder they renewed their friendship .

Gagagran Sun 12-Jun-16 08:20:55

What exactly do you think William should do to "start working for the country" Annie? He was in the forces, he served as an RAF search and rescue pilot and now he works shifts as an air ambulance pilot. He appears "on parade" as a member of the Royal Family as required by HM the Queen and in addition seems to be a devoted husband and father. Given what happened to his Mother, who can blame him for keeping a low profile and what privacy he can, whilst he can.

I am sure that HM, in her wisdom knows that William needs to enjoy these years of relative freedom, before his future duties as Prince of Wales then King take over his life. She and Prince Philip had those brief years in Malta before her fate overtook her and she knows what lies ahead for William and his family. I think we are fortunate to have such an example of a loving and happy young family and I hope Prince Harry can achieve the same for himself. Those two boys deserve that.

Iam64 Sun 12-Jun-16 08:35:33

What Gagagran and niggley said smile

Anniebach Sun 12-Jun-16 08:39:47

They are not boys, they are men. William works part time for air ambulance . He is not the only one to have a parent die . Why do they deserve a happy family life? no different to anyone surely, they don't deserve it, a happy family life isn't an award bestowed on a few . I am thankful he hasn't inherited his mother's obsession with getting on the front page of every newspaper and magazine

Gononsuch Sun 12-Jun-16 08:43:53

"MEE-OWW" Anniebach, it's not there fault that they are born royals!!!!smile

Gagagran Sun 12-Jun-16 08:49:17

You still haven't said what you think William should do to "start working for the country" Annie. Of course they deserve a happy family life as I would wish for any young family. Do you not wish that too?

Anniebach Sun 12-Jun-16 09:01:42

Gagagran, how about working as their grandparents , father and aunt did and does.

I wish a happy family life for all, I don't see this as something deserved , deserved seems like a reward

I do think they are lazy and probably fund royal duties boring, but that's the job, like all jobs a mixed bag

Newquay Sun 12-Jun-16 09:25:01

I think it's extremely unlikely the queen would abdicate-she certainly seems sincere in her commitment and has fulfilled the promise she made in her youth that's for sure.
But it's different times now. We cannot continue to support this unelected and unaccountable family in such extravagant wealth-surely that's offensive to most folks? To see all the hangers on in expensive clothes which they haven't bought with their own money-only money that comes from us while our services are being cut left and right and centre sits very uncomfortable with me. I am very patriotic but not a supporter of this nonsense.
We can still have our wonderful military putting on the fantastic displays they do in any event.

gettingonabit Sun 12-Jun-16 09:41:18

I think there's far less support for the Monarchy than the Government says. In fact I think the celebrations we're funding enduring at the moment are so extravagant BECAUSE of this. It seems that every time there's a crisis, out comes Queenie.

Remember the chaos of the 70's? The anti-Queen sentiment? The Sex Pistols? Answer: throw a party for the Queen!

Remember 1981 and the rioting, unemployment and unrest? Answer: a Royal Wedding! A real-life fairytale with a Prince and Princess so much in love!

And when that Princess tragically died so young-let's wheel out the Queen to tell us all how, as the nation's granny, sorry she is....sad.

And now? Hey, what a wonderful old lady! 90 years old. Let's party! Forget your zero hours contracts, your diminishing labour returns, your worries about your care home, your kids, your knee, your teeth, your bills! Let's celebrate this wonderful woman!!

nigglynellie Sun 12-Jun-16 10:20:28

Well, I'd far rather support the Queen and her family than read about overpaid, overblown celebrities who flaunt their money and couldn't give a fig for one other person. How can Prince William and Prince Harry grow up?!! They've both been in the armed forces, Prince William works as has been stated, Prince Harry is extremely popular amongst the charities he works for. Neither of them have an income from the state except for official duties which as ab pointed out are not that many. They have more than enough money to support their life style courtesy of their mother, any other support is from the Dutchy of Cornwall via their father, so what's your problem, those of you who have one? Bearing in mind they're self sufficient, whether they're lazy and childish (which they're not,) is frankly none of your business.

Anniebach Sun 12-Jun-16 11:48:01

Because niggly, they live in properties owned by the people, have security paid for by the people , what money they have is spent on their choice of life style. And what charity work of Harrys ? He does little charity work compared to his seniors

nigglynellie Sun 12-Jun-16 13:06:34

Well, we'll just have to agree to differ ab. You're entitled to your point of view as I am to mine, but even you must agree that they do draw the crowds, (yes even childish lazy old Prince Harry!) particularly foreigners, which in turn = money for the countrys coffers!! Almost certainly more than an elected head of state ever would! So it's not all bad! I think you'll find that Amner Hall was a wedding gift from the Queen (she owns the Sandringham estate, passed to her from her father) to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and not provided by the state. Prince Harry lives I think at Kensington Palace, though whether it is state owned or a crown property, I'm not sure. I'm sure somebody on here can tell me!!

Anniebach Sun 12-Jun-16 13:18:09

Niggly, I said K P , which cost the tax payer four million to update for
William and Kate, the defence from Buck house was they would live there for many years. The following year queenie gave them the house on Sandringham estate

Do you really believe people visit this country just to see William and Harry? Even the Tower of London has more visitors than Buck house

nigglynellie Sun 12-Jun-16 13:45:51

No, I think people come to this country, particularly Americans, to see, if they can catch a glimpse of any of the royal family not the Princes in particular. They come to see the changing of the guard, look round the royal palaces, particularly Winsdor. Buckingham Palace can be visited, and is! Prince William donates his salary (for his work as an air ambulance pilot) to charity which no doubt will be scoffed at, but for the life of me what else can he do? How do you want him to be?! Prince Harry the same. What do you want him to do? Go around opening things and looking grave all the time?! I know you think his charity work is rubbish, presumably his mothers was too! I think you just dislike them, it's as easy as that.

gettingonabit Sun 12-Jun-16 13:47:30

The Royal Family is just a giant publicity machine. They changed their name to suit themselves, and distanced themselves from Edward 8 when it suited them. They tried to come across as "normal" but when they looked like idiots, they withdrew again. They distanced themselves from Diana, using her shamelessly and then discarding her. They distanced themselves from the Czar and his family when they could have done something to help.

They're just like any ordinary dysfunctional family, really.

Anniebach Sun 12-Jun-16 13:57:18

Niggly, do explain how one can dislike a person they have never met? I have no reason to dislike them , no reason to think they are chocolate, i do think they should do more for the country , I think Anne and Charles have a sense of duty as do their parents . I think their life style is offensive , empty apartment in KP which cost four million to tart up and all the homeless on the streets

We could keep a monarchy but not living the life style this bunch choose

nigglynellie Sun 12-Jun-16 14:13:41

gettingonabit. I suggest you read some history, then you will see that there was much more to the royal family's past actions as described by you than just suiting themselves. I am however surprise ab that you find being an air ambulance pilot offensive! ditto being a devoted husband and father, but there you go! Not quite sure what this devotion to duty would entail either - sounds a bit grim to me!!

gettingonabit Sun 12-Jun-16 14:33:35

niggly everyone has a different take on history, depending on their point of view. My point of view is every bit as valid as yours, and I'm perfectly well read, thanks.

At best they are an outdated, quaint anacronism.