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Caroline Aherne

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mrsmopp Sat 02-Jul-16 17:06:51

Sad to hear Caroline Aherne has died today of cancer. She was 52.
Great talent, best known for the Royle Family and Mrs Merton.

daphnedill Sat 02-Jul-16 17:17:18

I knew she was very ill, but still sad to hear the news. She was far too young to die.

KatyK Sat 02-Jul-16 17:44:53

I loved Mrs Merton and The Royle Family. RIP

tanith Sat 02-Jul-16 17:50:31

There is already a thread about this smile

ninathenana Sat 02-Jul-16 18:01:20

I'm shocked, I didn't know she was ill.
Sad news.