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Who should pay for Bucking Palace repairs?

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mrsmopp Sat 26-Nov-16 19:12:44

Should it be the humble taxpayer forking out for repairs to the Palace? Can you think of anyone else who expects the general public to pay? It takes us all our time and energy to keep our own houses in order, and the Royal family live in the lap of luxury in all their properties. Remember the fire at Windsor Castle? They didnt even have fire insurance; how mad is that?
No disrespect to the Queen, but I don't think we should foot the bill.

Ana Sat 26-Nov-16 19:15:55

Deja vu anyone...?

Ana Sat 26-Nov-16 19:20:29

DaphneBroon Sat 26-Nov-16 19:33:26

182posts - is there any more to say?

mrsmopp Sat 26-Nov-16 19:39:39

Case closed.