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Lib Dems win bye election

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suzied Fri 02-Dec-16 04:18:09

One in the eye for the government? Labour voters supporting Lib Dems, Zac Goldsmith getting his come uppance after the appalling mayoral campaign. First bit of good political news in ages.

Ana Sun 04-Dec-16 20:22:46

Posters should really check their facts before posting what someone has or has not 'reputedly' done.

Thanks for the link daphnedill, it was clear that no one apart from the two candidates either side of Sadiq shook his hand. I hold no brief for Goldsmith but reputations can be ruined by unfounded rumours.

Jalima Sun 04-Dec-16 21:30:34

A very gracious loser's speech - it must be hard to do that.