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Why do political leaders seem better when they step down?

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trisher Sun 09-Apr-17 16:36:17

I watched Ed Miliband on The Last Leg on Friday and he seemed so much more relaxed and confident than ever he dd during the election. He was witty, amusing and honest. He discussed things like his dad's name-apparently it was Adolf and he changed it to Ralph (you can see why). Then I thought about Gordon Brown-so much more personable after he stepped down. I thought perhaps it was Labour politicians, but I think John Major has improved as well. What is it? Is it the party machine sitting on them, the spin doctors watching their every word? Any ideas?.

kittylester Sun 09-Apr-17 16:55:31

I note you didn't mention the messianic Tony Blair!

I agree generally!

durhamjen Sun 09-Apr-17 16:57:09

Because they don't have that much power over you any more?
I know Ed's still an MP, but just one out of all the Labour MPs.
If he stands at the next election, that might have done him some good.
Have you looked at it on twitter, and the comments under it? Some excellent ones.

Anniebach Sun 09-Apr-17 17:02:58

Because they can be more relaxed , Brown was personable before becoming PM, whilst PM and after, I think it was such a pity he couldn't do tv, he has a great sense of humour and is so caring . I have heard the same said of Major, I was told .thatcher was no different off camera

MawBroon Sun 09-Apr-17 17:16:08

I would agree that Blair might be the exception that proves the rule!

trisher Sun 09-Apr-17 19:36:06

Blair is the exception I agree.
Even Brown's best friend wouldn't say he was personable when he was PM. He was positively twitchy, gave nervous uncertain smiles at awkward moments and just looked uncomfortable. He is a nice man and a god politician but he wasn't a charismatic PM.

trisher Sun 09-Apr-17 19:38:53

Ed's new bacon sandwich photo.
Wonder how many votes that would have got him?

durhamjen Sun 09-Apr-17 19:42:04

Have there been any Tory politicians on The Last Leg?
Not that I want them on, but I can't recall any.

trisher Mon 10-Apr-17 11:23:35

Boris went on (but Boris goes on anything) They kept inviting Cameron, but he never took up the offer (can't think why)

sunseeker Mon 10-Apr-17 11:51:58

Probably because they can relax - personally I can't think of any politician, present or past, who I would trust to sell me a used car!