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Time to put some rules in place

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vampirequeen Tue 23-May-17 13:13:36

It appears that a gentlemen's agreement exist regarding the truthfulness of the information a candidate or party puts on it's leaflets. Over the years, I've got used to reading between the lines or even taking some assertions with a pinch of salt when looking at leaflets from a certain local party. However this time the local UKIP candidate has, imo, overstepped the mark. The UKIP leaflet that I received today states that a vote for Labour is a vote for 'making you pay to see your doctor' and 'selling off our housing stock to foreign buyers'.

I checked with the electoral commission because I couldn't believe they'd be allowed to tell outright lies on their leaflets but apparently they can. There is no official body that censures such instances other than if they commit a criminal offence in which case they can be reported to the police.

This is an appalling state of affairs. Presumably, in the past everyone has been decent and followed the accepted rules but now it seems that newer parties don't feel the need to do so.

In that case I think we need to end the gentleman's agreement and decide on a set of rules which lays down what can and can't be said. I'm not saying that Parties shouldn't be able to criticise each other but surely they should always base their criticism on the truth.

grumppa Tue 23-May-17 15:15:23

One simple rule could be that an election candidate's leaflet must be confined to describing that candidate and his/her personal or party's policies.

Ana Tue 23-May-17 15:28:17

I agree grumppa. I'm sure that's what happened in the past, (perhaps quite the distant past...)

Luckygirl Tue 23-May-17 15:39:35

It would be nice if that rule were to be extended to all electioneering - the referendum canvassing was all about sowing the seeds of fear about the other side; and this election is going the same way.

That lies are allowed is amazing; and totally undemocratic.

MaizieD Tue 23-May-17 15:48:14

And we don't know what lies are being told in 'targetted' ads on social media because only the 'target' sees them.

Anya Tue 23-May-17 16:24:00

Talking of lies....I once opened the door to a candidate for the local elections.

She started telling me everything she had done, including her work as a school governor at a local school and all the differences she had made to th school. I gave her just enough rope to hang herself, then informed her she was a liar. She spluttered and blustered indignantly until I informed her that I was the teachers' rep in the board of governors and I'd never seen her in my life before.

She turned bright red, and marched down the path, ignoring my calls to come back and exposing herself...... unsurprisingly! grin

Christinefrance Tue 23-May-17 17:03:48

That's brilliant Anya, would have loved to see her face

vampirequeen Tue 23-May-17 17:11:16

omg I wish I'd been there Anya lol

Luckygirl Tue 23-May-17 17:18:54

Oh heavens Anya - I bet that gave you great satisfaction! What a dreadful thing that she simply lied.

Nannarose Tue 23-May-17 17:24:14

Similarly, our local councillor (now heading up the 'Listening Team') NEVER replies to me, not even an acknowledgement; whether I write by email, post (always using the addresses given on the council's website) or even 'signed for' (which I did to make the point!).
Should add that I don't go writing about anything, have contacted her on average, once a year on specific issues.
I looked up the 'code of conduct' and there is no cause for complaint, the idea being that she can be voted out. I put my experience on our local FB page, as I was quite happy to justify my position. Others replied saying the same, but as she got voted in again, why would she bother?

Oh, and to get back on track, I agree about obvious lies (alternative truths?)