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Is she delusional?

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Morgana Sun 24-Dec-17 22:46:36

So she's at church, talking about compassion? Amidst the growing numbers of homeless, of children living in poverty, of families struggling on low pay. All whilst the rich get richer. Is she just lying to us or to herself as well?

Willow3 Mon 25-Dec-17 15:42:13

Well said radicalnan.

Fennel Mon 25-Dec-17 16:46:12

I agree, radicalnan.
Although I don't like the principles of the party she belongs to, I think she's taking her duties as a PM seriously, and plodding on against great odds. As most of us women do.

Hipsy Mon 25-Dec-17 16:47:31

radicalnan If you protect your chickens you wouldn,t have to worry about the foxes

Lilyflower Mon 25-Dec-17 16:57:53

I am shocked by some of the commments on this thread about TM. Yes, she bodged the election and, no, I do not support her views and policies in many cases. But she is, no doubt, a sincere and decent person as one would expect of a vicar’s daughter. Tribalism seems to rob people of the ability to be rational and nuanced. Just because someone does not support the same political party as one’s own, it doesn’t render them completely bad, or, indeed, completely anything.

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 17:01:32

Well said Fennel and Lilyflower

Chewbacca Mon 25-Dec-17 17:10:43

Nailed it radicalnan and lilyflower, 100%

nightowl Mon 25-Dec-17 17:14:54

No she’s not delusional, she is simply a believer in all the principles on which the Conservative party is founded, including the free market, an unregulated economy, a belief in personal wealth and maintaining the status quo, the class system and privilege for a few.

Within this there have always been wealthy philanthropists who believe it is either their Christian or civic duty to help those less fortunate than themselves but without allowing them to enjoy the same privilege as the rich, or to rise beyond their allotted station in life. I think Teresa May is firmly of that mindset.

As far as fox hunting is concerned, does anyone truly believe it exists in order to protect chickens?

Hipsy Mon 25-Dec-17 17:22:02

No nightowl Foxhunting was never about protection

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 18:03:10

Fox hunting ,protection? No. Sport? No. Thrill of the chase? Yes . Thrill of seeing the fox torn apart? Yes.

Dog fighting which is two dogs fighting, perhaps to death is illegal.

A crowd of people on horseback, blowing of a horn to whip up excitement. Rubbing the dead animals face on a child taking part in their first kill. Watching the fox at point of collapse , eyes showing great fear . Let's make it legal again.

As one girl explained in an interview before the ban - it's better than an orgasm

Hipsy Mon 25-Dec-17 18:11:55

Anniebach Couldn't have put it better.

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 18:37:39

hipsy, it hasn't stopped . Still kennels for the poor hounds,why? To go drag hunting ? These dogs rarely get past age five, they are shot, younger dogs have been bred ready to take their places.

gagsy Mon 25-Dec-17 20:22:34

Well said radicalann. I think Theresa May is a caring and compassionate woman, but her hands are tied in many ways. What are WE going to do to make things better!

nightowl Mon 25-Dec-17 20:30:49

Vote them out at the earliest opportunity would be a good start.

Iam64 Mon 25-Dec-17 21:22:29

It seems par for the course that someone who goes to Church, professes to follow a Christian faith is accused of hypocrisy, being deluded and generally derided. I don't support Theresa May's politics, I wish her party had not won the election and hope they lose the next one.

I believe she is a caring and compassionate woman but her political beliefs don't support those in need. I know, it sounds contrary but that's how it is.

paddyann Mon 25-Dec-17 21:26:37

not delusional ,downright EVIL .....destroying peoples lives daily while giving tax incentives to her rich pals .Allowing companied to dodge taxes and yet taking money off the sick,the old the disabled...the vulnerable .I await her new law to kill off anyone who needs help from the state ...of course that wont affect her OR her family and friends ...but hey the poor and teh sick are worthless so we can do without them her eyes

paddyann Mon 25-Dec-17 21:27:07

I despise the tory way ...

paddyann Mon 25-Dec-17 21:27:38

I despise the tory way ...

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 21:30:20

Possibly she has her politic beliefs because for her they are the answer to help those in need. I can't share them but I too believe she is a compassionate woman, and though I couldn't vote for her party I do admire her

Smithy Mon 25-Dec-17 21:50:35

I just can't understand how ANYONE can admire Theresa May!

Morgana Mon 25-Dec-17 21:51:50

Sincere decent compassionate well who would have thought it. Must be something wrong with my dictionary.

nigglynellie Mon 25-Dec-17 22:34:58

I can't see one other politician throughout the whole of the UK who has even a smidgen of the courage, tenacity or downright guts that TM has. For that alone she has my admiration. Paddyann, I think you need to look up the word 'evil' and you might discover that not one politician in the UK whatever party they represent is 'evil'. It's a horrible word reserved for people like Hitler, Stalin Pol Pot, Kim Jung Un, Chairman Mao etc. I don't think TM has sent people on hunger marches, murdered millions in Gulags concentration camps and by mass starvation, shot people on a whim, or virtually exterminated a whole nation - people who perpetrate those sort of atrocities are evil not people you disagree with politically.

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 22:43:30

Since she became PM she has had two terrorist attacks, Grenfel tower fire, problems in her party, not her doing, and is dealing with brexit, she has never lost her dignity or got snappy in public, remains calm when she must be feeling anything but calm, doesn't do huggy kissy, so I admire her

Chewbacca Mon 25-Dec-17 22:49:06

Me too.

amt101 Mon 25-Dec-17 23:28:21

It keen on discussing politics today but we really need to change the voting system so we have the best from all sides. Get rid of first past the post.

amt101 Mon 25-Dec-17 23:29:20

That should be I'm not keen on discussing politics today sorry