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Is she delusional?

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Morgana Sun 24-Dec-17 22:46:36

So she's at church, talking about compassion? Amidst the growing numbers of homeless, of children living in poverty, of families struggling on low pay. All whilst the rich get richer. Is she just lying to us or to herself as well?

Anniebach Sun 24-Dec-17 22:57:23

Quite possibly she will receive guidance

OldMeg Sun 24-Dec-17 22:58:49


kittylester Mon 25-Dec-17 08:24:13

Who? tchconfused

OldMeg Mon 25-Dec-17 08:39:41

The vicar’s daughter.

Jane10 Mon 25-Dec-17 09:49:27

So compassion is a bad thing? As an aspiration it's laudable. Yes life is bad for a lot of people but thats not new.

vampirequeen Mon 25-Dec-17 09:55:32

No it's not new but she has the power and the money to put it right.

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 09:57:29

TM needs to become a dictator, no government, no parliament , she can then do as she wants, rather like happens in Venezuela, we are told by Corbyn and some here how wonderful it is there, we have read here praise for Russia too.

That's sorted all problems

FarNorth Mon 25-Dec-17 10:11:37

Jane10, talking about compassion, while one's actions show the exact opposite, is a bad thing.

lovebeigecardigans1955 Mon 25-Dec-17 10:13:31

I assume this is Theresa May? Bit slow on the uptake this morning. I'm not sure that many politicians, when they gain power, avoid losing touch with reality. We can only hope for the best, can't we? No political party have all the answers.

RosieLeah Mon 25-Dec-17 10:33:43

How can she talk about compassion, when she openly supports hunting?

icanhandthemback Mon 25-Dec-17 10:35:37

You speak as if TM can do anything she wants to. The reality is that she is that her hands are tied by her own party, the opposition, judicial process, parliamentary procedure, etc. I suspect she is quite sincere but completely unable to do anything meaningful. Sadly, I suspect that if her opposition came to power, things would be much the same unless they have a very good majority.

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 10:38:21

Should she secretly support fox hunting ? And I ask as someone who was a hunt sabotager for years.

NannyMargaret48 Mon 25-Dec-17 11:07:28

Come on everyone. It is Christmas Day! Why do posters have to get personal and nasty. I am really hoping for better in 2018. Happy Christmas.

radicalnan Mon 25-Dec-17 11:08:13

For goodness sake she is just one woman. Ask the chickens about the foxes. I loathe the idea of the hunt but the alternatives are few.

As for compassion and the poor etc. We all live like kings, stop sniping at other people and look to yourselves, what more can you do to ease this sorry world?

I don't like the Capitalist ideal but wherever it exists, the people are far and away better off than in other places.

If you have a computer and the skills to use it be thankful, if you have food on your table, a roof over your head and the NHS a phone call away, you are blessed.

Things could be better everywhere but they could also be a bloody sight worse.

This country is billions in debt for the help we give others.

May has to find the money for all we do, she is also obliged to show some leadership, hence the speeches, what would you rather she said? Where would you rather be, Venezuala, China, India maybe, Korea?????

Be grateful for all we have including the notion of compassion, that in itself is another luxury we can afford because our lives are lived in such a free country.

There is no such thing as a selfless act really, just people indulging themelves.

sunseeker Mon 25-Dec-17 11:31:30

Well said NannyMargaret and radicalnan

sarahellenwhitney Mon 25-Dec-17 11:47:43

'She'! as you describe the prime minister is no different to many of us when at this time of the year, all though seen as 'family time' hmm thoughts must also be for those who have no family, no food no home etc and what we can do to help. This is compassion and what being Christian is about.
Going to church every Sunday singing hymns does NOT make a person a Christian.
It is fortunate that there are charities to help others in need and although we may not give out time let us at least provide money, food and clothing ,what ever it be, to allow these charities to continue with their work not just at Christmas but throughout the year.

Hildagard Mon 25-Dec-17 11:49:08

Hear hear radicalnan

sarahellenwhitney Mon 25-Dec-17 11:54:30

100% radicalnan.

gillyknits Mon 25-Dec-17 12:10:30

What happened to “ Goodwill and Peace to all”?

chrissyh Mon 25-Dec-17 12:14:46

I agree radicalnan.

Prettypolly82 Mon 25-Dec-17 12:43:34

It's Christmas - the supposed season of goodwill so for goodness sake put your personal soap boxes away!! For all the things wrong with this country we can still be proud that we are always the first to give (and usually the most) when there is a world disaster

Skweek1 Mon 25-Dec-17 14:35:34

People are people - faults, warts and all - TM no different. I'm more concerned that our next door neighbours on both sides are behaving like spoilt brats - on one side used to baby sit and we were mates, but she went a bit doolally - the other side has always been odd. Both sides are druggies, but we have to live together, so I put cards through both doors suggesting that we build bridges. The ex-friend when I saw her this morning and wished her a happy Christmas cut me dead. What, if anything, can I do?

annifrance Mon 25-Dec-17 14:42:45

Well out radicalnan.

Anniebach Mon 25-Dec-17 14:50:22

Sorry but nothing more, you offered goodwill and it was rejected . Did you unintentionally say something to upset your friend ? Perhaps she wants/needs an apology .

If they have an addiction their moods are going go up and down, perhaps you have to accept this . I wish all goes well for you