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Should we be worrying?

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Jane10 Tue 17-Apr-18 08:06:03

I've just read that US and UK security chiefs have warned of a potential Russian widescale cyber attack. Apparently, they have hacked into millions of computers across Britain including home terminals and internet routers.
How can we tell if our own devices have been hacked? Is there anything we can do?

Situpstraight Tue 17-Apr-18 08:12:00

I think that if it happens and that our security chiefs can’t stop it, then there is little that we can do.
Just be wary of any emails you receive, you can set your email levels, and keep your security system up to date.
Your Security System usually lists potential threats and those who have tried pinging you, but I doubt that it would tell you if it was Russians who were trying to get into your system.

MawBroon Tue 17-Apr-18 08:20:28

We had a thread about Russia recently and two new posters appeared, not sounding a lot like Grans. I know you can’t tell, but the “ grannaydar” somehow kicks in. I wonder if they were Russian bots just identifying and posting on any thread mentioning Russia? Or Russian Baboushkas? grin or do I mean shock

Iam64 Tue 17-Apr-18 09:12:39

MawBroon - you made me laugh, for which I thank you x

MawBroon Tue 17-Apr-18 09:15:45

I just wonder what Vladimir would make of us ???? grin

Teetime Tue 17-Apr-18 09:15:46

I am trying to tell myself all the time that worrying is a largely unprofitable exercise. I think situpstraight has it right make sure you have enough security on your computer as you can.

AlieOxon Tue 17-Apr-18 09:17:34

If they were, Maw, they wrote so much that many of us - including me - probably didn't bother to read very far......

nigglynellie Tue 17-Apr-18 09:29:24

I think you've got a point Maw, but like a lot of us, I simply couldn't be bothered to wade through these rather odd posts!! I think we should perhaps be a bit wary!

MaryXYX Tue 17-Apr-18 09:50:38

Lock your house when you go out, and use a proper lock, not a home-made one. Similarly, use security software on your computer. Not something free, it's worth the fairly small cost of a licence. Kaspersky is one of the best, and yes I know it's Russian. I also run MalwareBytes and the Sophos Virus Removal Tool for on-demand scans. I'm somewhat paranoid as I used to work in computer security.

Oh yes - don't click on links in emails!

Greyduster Tue 17-Apr-18 09:55:54

I posted this morning about the WhatsApp virus my DC alerted me to, and it made me wonder whether this was relevant to your post, jane10.

sunseeker Tue 17-Apr-18 10:02:00

Wouldn't it be great if Putin actually joined GN ! I think he would find he had bitten off more than he could chew grin

Camelotclub Tue 17-Apr-18 10:05:14

But what would they do with all that info?

Anyone hacking into mine would be bored to tears by the searches for knitting patterns and yarn and kittens!

gillyknits Tue 17-Apr-18 10:09:53

Trying to think of a GN name for Putin! Any suggestions? How about nannavlad?

Primrose65 Tue 17-Apr-18 10:10:00

Russia has been using cyber attacks on the Ukraine for a few years, so I would imagine that if they do this here, they will do similar things.
I believe they've hacked into power grids and switched off electricity, they use fake news to make the government look incompetent, they run programs that erase all the data on hard disk - but they target companies like railways and media companies - I think things like the email that caused havoc in the NHS a while back are the sort of things they use.
I don't think they bother hacking individuals unless you're a 'high profile' person with something interesting to steal.
There was a long article about what they've been doing in Ukraine in the IT press here if you're interested in the detail.

Jane10 Tue 17-Apr-18 10:11:50

It was hacking into the router that concerned me. Our smart TV is connected to it. Does this mean that the lovely Vladimir might suddenly burst on to the screen in the middle of East Enders?

Blackcat3 Tue 17-Apr-18 10:12:02

Make sure your firewall is up to date....otherwise nothing much you can guess is public services like the NHS and utilities should be much more concerned.....can’t really see what they could achieve with access to personal computers......disrupting medical, water, power etc...much more far reaching and would create havoc!

Lilyflower Tue 17-Apr-18 10:16:38

I really wouldn't put money on the might of the Russion bear beating a bunch of British grannies.

keffie Tue 17-Apr-18 10:17:35

I doubt very much if they will want to hit Mr & Mrs average on the streets. They will be after bringing down government body's and large corporations way which will cause the maximum damage. It is right though regarding security. Make sure you have it Russian threats or otherwise you need to have security for. Preferable a good paid for version. However a free version is better than nothing. It's amazing how many people still don't have security on there virtual world and dont realise why they need it. Personally they should be taken through the basics at point of sale. The amount of friends/ friend of friends etc laptops etc I have had do sort out and give basic lessons too on it grows every year. I should set up a business in it

kwest Tue 17-Apr-18 10:23:37

I am not going to worry about it. there is nothing I can do so why worry about something I can't change. Although having said that, I finally got around to downloading the link to install the McAfee thing I paid to resume last week.

DotMH1901 Tue 17-Apr-18 10:35:43

Primrose65 - they wouldn't need to post fake news to make the Government look incompetent - they manage that all by themselves wink

nigglynellie Tue 17-Apr-18 10:37:27

I might be 'high profile' primrose, Never underestimate a granny!! grin

Neilspurgeon0 Tue 17-Apr-18 10:43:30

No lilyflower me either. I dunno what Ivan would make of you lot, but you scare the [under]pants off me ! And I laugh at Maws wonderful flights of fancy too !

GabriellaG Tue 17-Apr-18 11:08:06

In reply to the OPs last sentence, 1) You'll turn it on and a blank screen will appear and
2) Nothing.

Musicelf Tue 17-Apr-18 11:10:21

I used to be a big worrier about stuff, but as I've got older I've become far more laid-back. What will be, will be. Vlad is welcome to read my emails; they would help him nod off at night.

Having said that, if he suddenly deletes my long-researched family tree, I'll swing for him.

We're as secure as we can be online; we just have to trust it.

quizqueen Tue 17-Apr-18 11:17:35

Other than using my laptop to assess the internet, I don't do smart technology and I still only use a basic phone. If Mr Putin wants to read my personal emails he will see I don't blame him for all the ills in the world. However, if my own government reads them, they will soon see my anarchist tendencies in that I don't believe anything they tell me or the media, the church and the police for that matter- this goes for all political parties -so I think I have more to be concerned about from home sources than from Russia.