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jura2 Tue 17-Jul-18 18:23:20

surely, the Government and MPs cannot just close down and go off on their jollies now?!? With the country in such a tragic crisis and time running out ...

Or as a friend says :

'Having a recess when the UK is effectively in a state of emergency is an insult to every UK citizen.'

Oopsadaisy53 Tue 17-Jul-18 18:24:25

Agreed, they should stay and sort this mess out.

tanith Tue 17-Jul-18 18:38:07

Unbelievable, but then again no surprise there ?

Nandalot Tue 17-Jul-18 18:47:37

Yes, unbelievable indeed. They would soon criticise any other workers who were going off early at a time of crisis.

lemongrove Tue 17-Jul-18 18:50:46

I hardly think that those in important positions will be spending the whole of the Summer on ‘jollies’ but they do have the right to some relaxation, as does everybody.
I expect the PM and her team involved with Brexit will be busy throughout, with meetings and regular updates.
If the Chequers deal bill gets through Parliament, then that will be a vital bit of business done.

lemongrove Tue 17-Jul-18 18:51:46

We are not in a ‘state of emergency’ btw.

jura2 Tue 17-Jul-18 18:53:34

oh, yes, we definitely are. If you can't see that... then it says it all. Was it you who accused me to wear rose tinted glasses earlier today. ?!?

lemongrove Tue 17-Jul-18 18:54:52


jura2 Tue 17-Jul-18 18:57:11

Apologies . it is just that you all sound the same ...

lemongrove Tue 17-Jul-18 19:18:45

Apology accepted, have a bit of Toblerone, am just having some with a cup of black

NfkDumpling Tue 17-Jul-18 19:46:04

And aren’t they leaving early? I hope they pay their fine for taking time out in term time.

varian Tue 17-Jul-18 19:57:04

Our Prime Minister is the servant of the electorate. She has absolutely no right to send parliament home for a longer summer holiday just to avoid being sacked by the schemers in her own party.

jura2 Tue 17-Jul-18 19:57:55

Toblerone, dark chocolate only thanks- is your Toblerone the full Toblerone, or the Brexit one, with quite a bit missing?

sodapop Tue 17-Jul-18 20:27:48

I don't feel any of them are there to serve, merely to further their own careers and ambitions.

varian Tue 17-Jul-18 20:40:46

Just how low will your govt stoop @theresa_may? When @andrealeadsom delayed proxy voting motions, she assured those of us who were pregnant that we would be paired when necessary. Today your govt broke that agreement - @BrandonLewis paired with me but voted. Desperate stuff.

varian Tue 17-Jul-18 20:43:37

For anyone who doesn't know LibDem deputy leader Jo Swinson has just given birth to her second child.

Parliamentary convention permits "pairing agreements" when a member has good reason to be absent but this despicable government has ratted on that agreement.

mcem Tue 17-Jul-18 20:55:45

No surprise there then!

M0nica Tue 17-Jul-18 21:20:48

Appearing in Parliament and been seen is only the icing on the cake. The real business of government is done behind the scenes and at constituency level. The vacations are when much of this can be done. yes, of course they take holidays. Don't we all?

Whatever the current state of the country I cannot see it makes any difference where the current collection of misfits and clowns are. If they do get together in Parliament during the vacations it will only be to make a bad situation worse.

Anniebach Tue 17-Jul-18 21:41:01

We will be spared a few days of political experts being filmed at Westminster

lemongrove Tue 17-Jul-18 21:55:28

Very true Annie.....there’s always a silver lining grin
It’s a milk chocolate Toblerone jura a ginormous one brought by a visitor, and am steadily working my way through it, it’s hard work but somebody has to do it! Yum.

jura2 Tue 17-Jul-18 22:27:06

Ah lucky you if it is the real McCoy- Toblerone should be 170gr and the Brexit version is 150 gr only- about 2 chunks missing. The reality.

lemongrove Tue 17-Jul-18 22:31:39

Two chunks are not missing, that’s exactly what I have left
( saving for tomorrow night.)

jura2 Tue 17-Jul-18 22:39:09

So your prefer the EU real Toblerones, to the Brexit ones then. Straight from the Brexiteers 'Bible', the Daily Mail ahaha:

lemongrove Tue 17-Jul-18 22:44:16

I like the ahaha ....reminds me of Alan Partridge.
Tbh I have no preference, as visitors sometimes buy these from the airport when they come and stay, I never buy them.
Thorntons are my choccies of choice.

lemongrove Tue 17-Jul-18 22:46:00

We mustn’t allow our choccy chat to flood the thread though, or we will be told off.