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Theresa May is a liar ?

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Nicenanny3 Fri 24-Aug-18 15:41:34

Theresa May has said numerous times Brexit means Brexit, No Deal is better than a Bad Deal but I'm my opinion all I can see is that she is leading us to a Bad Deal.

Nicenanny3 Fri 24-Aug-18 15:43:18

Typo not I'm should be in my opinion

paddyann Fri 24-Aug-18 15:48:27

well according to Alistair Carmichael ALL politicians lie ..and he was charged and let off even though the sherriff said he DID lie.

Bridgeit Fri 24-Aug-18 16:19:12

Now the Brexit boil has been lanced, the British electorate are getting a bit jumpy about the real effect leaving will have.
We will blame everyone except ourselves if it doesn’t pan out the way we wanted/believed it would be.
No one is leading us to a bad deal, we choose to take a chance with out knowing or seemingly caring what the deal would be. Madness IMO .

lemongrove Fri 24-Aug-18 16:52:24

No Brid there is more to it than that.The way our politicians have acted (on all sides) with the exception of T May is disgraceful.
The only thing T May is guilty of is running the worst election campaign ever at the last GE.

M0nica Fri 24-Aug-18 16:53:57

She believes what she said so is not a liar. These things are a matter of opinion.

By the way I have always been and remain a remainer, and completely agree with your judgement of the Brexit we are heading for, nicenanny3

Day6 Fri 24-Aug-18 16:56:21

the British electorate are getting a bit jumpy about the real effect leaving will have

Are they? Where? I am not sure that many people give a stuff anymore, to be honest.

Oh yes, I am aware that sounds very cavalier, (I wait for the usual suspects to scold me, but I am replying to the quoted part of the post above) and I am sure that those businesses which need overseas markets will be wondering what we end up with, but the man or woman in the street?

On forums like this Brexit can be our focus and we are passionate and intense but certainly in my part of the world and amongst family, friends and acquaintances we are not having daily deep and meaningful discussions about the latest news from Brussels or number ten.

Like everyone, I want the very best deal possible for the UK.

However, the media and various factions for and against are keeping alive the cliff-hanging 'tension'. Just think - if we had a news blackout for a month or so, I get the feeling Brexit would NOT be the first topic of conversation on everyone's lips.

We'd be more worried about the POTUS's actions I suspect.

The world carries on turning and we will go about our daily lives in pretty much the same way as we are doing today. As ever, we are at the mercy of those we elect in situations such as this. I think many MPs say what the electorate needs to hear to garner favourable publicity, but in their dealings afterwards they'll play their own political games and be advised by people we know nothing about. Think House of Cards. The same is happening to May. She made promises. It remains to be seen if she will keep them.

Bridgeit Fri 24-Aug-18 17:17:38

So it seems Dads Army we’re right.
We’re Doomed we’re all Doomed ?

Nandalot Fri 24-Aug-18 17:20:16

Day 6, you can’t have it both ways. ‘Not sure that many people give a stuff’ and then later on suggest that a news blackout would mean that Brexit would not be the first topic of conversation on everyone’s lips.
I just wish some of the latest information the media is disseminating had been available before. Some of the electorate might have been less willing to gamble on the future of the country.

Bridgeit Fri 24-Aug-18 17:36:20

I wonder how soon will find out if the consequences are no doodo, deep doodo or very deep doodo?
I guess some lives will be affected almost immediately, others will experience a gradual effect . Some for better some for worse,as ever, one mans meat is another’s poison.

travelsafar Fri 24-Aug-18 18:40:06

I'm more concerned with effects of our very dry summer and the cost of fresh veg at the moment.A very small sweetheart cabbage now costs a pound in Morrison's. I have noticed prices creeping up and by winter i think we will certainly be in very deep doodo as the resulting harvests will fall short of other years . Every day we are hearing about Brexit and to be quite honest I switch off now it is so boring.I know i should take more notice but i just think what will be, will be and nothing i think say or do will change that.

Nicenanny3 Sat 25-Aug-18 12:33:16

Are you a Remainer travelsafar? I find many remainers are set in their ways, frightened of change, far from boring I find Brexit and politics exciting at the moment, with everything up in the air, leaders being challenged by their parties etc more exciting than the price of a sweetheart cabbage in Morrisons lol.

Nicenanny3 Sat 25-Aug-18 12:39:37

Theresa May is a liar MOnica, she said from day 1 no deal is better than a Bad Deal but bad deal is the way she is heading. Hopefully Jacob Rees Mogg and Boris will get her on track. Also and Nigel Farage returning to politics will make her think twice and get us the Brexit we voted for.

travelsafar Sat 25-Aug-18 12:44:48

As it goes i am not a remainer. But the way things are going at the moment i wish i hadnt bothered to vote at all.I remember completing my postal vote for the referendum as i was going to be on holiday in Italy on the day of the vote in June 2016..It is getting on my nerves now and been going on so long i am sick to death of hearing about brexit!!!

The prices in my local supermarket are more important to me at the moment as they are affecting the pennies in my purse!!!!

I find your remark about remainers very unkind and most unfair, we are all entitled to vote how we think best without being thought of as boring and stick in the muds because we dont agree with you.

MaizieD Sat 25-Aug-18 13:05:20

Couldn't you have just gone bungee jumping or climbed Everest if you wanted excitement in your life, Nicenanny3; Or moved to a country where the tentacles of the EU didn't reach?

16+million people were perfectly happy with the way things were; not to mention 4 million disenfranchised voters (1 million non British EU citizens in the UK and 3 million UK citizens living in other EU countries). We're utterly horrified at being dragged along into this thrilling new Adventure with absolutely no idea of how it's going to end (apart from badly or very badly)

Nicenanny3 Sat 25-Aug-18 13:10:05

As are Brexiters who are often branded racist and xenophobic. IMHO remainers are frightened of change clinging to the EU.

Nicenanny3 Sat 25-Aug-18 13:16:16

I've travelled extensively actually MaizieD and have lived in Spain. My life is far from boring. But I find politics exciting at the moment. I love Britain and I am English born and bred, perhaps it is you who should move, Brussels perhaps.

MaizieD Sat 25-Aug-18 14:26:31

perhaps it is you who should move, Brussels perhaps.

If I were 20 years younger I would be seriously considering it (as are many younger people). Not Brussels, though. I don't like cities.

What I can't understand is why, if life in the UK as a member of the EU was so intolerable, you, and all these other passionate Leavers, didn't move away years ago. (Spain doesn't count, it's in the EU)

Interested to know what you find so exciting about politics at the moment. Is it the subversion of our parliamentary democracy? The ignorance of our MPs as to how the WTO (and the EU) actually works? The moves by leading Brexiteers to get their money out of the UK (and advising others to follow suit) or set up subsidiaries in the EU to avoid being financially inconvenienced by the post Brexit financial trading conditions? And to take up residence in EU countries...

Or is it the prospect of renewal of civil war in Northern Ireland when the inevitable hard border is implemented? The 'Troubles' were really exciting, weren't they? You never knew where the next bomb was going to go off...

Nicenanny3 Sat 25-Aug-18 17:30:14

I would never leave Britain permanently I love England. As for all your other remarks just scare mongering don't get taken in by it all.

Eloethan Sat 25-Aug-18 21:53:47

Given the absolute chaos at the moment and some very worrying possibilities being put forward if we leave, I believe there should be a second referendum.

I believe some people are having second thoughts. Also, many young people who couldn't vote in the referendum are now old enough to do so and I believe, as they are the ones who will be here when we are long gone, they should have a chance to vote on their future.

Baggs Sun 26-Aug-18 08:26:45

"absolute chaos"

Really? It seems to have passed us by. Life seems to be ticking over as usual round here.

Absolute chaos means nothing works as it should—no buses, no trains, shops without supplies, water supply disrupted, electricity supplies disrupted or non-existent, etc.

I think some people need to calm down.

minesaprosecco Sun 26-Aug-18 08:40:03

Political chaos in abundance though, baggs.

Baggs Sun 26-Aug-18 08:50:38

Hmm. Not even sure about that. Muddle maybe.

minesaprosecco Sun 26-Aug-18 08:53:57

Untidy and disorganised? It's a bit worse than that!

Baggs Sun 26-Aug-18 08:53:59

Political disagreement, even serious political disagreement is not even chaos, never mind absolute chaos.